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Baggotee Heats Up Our Summer With “Summer Vibe”

Baggotee is an Afro hip-hop artist who hails all the way from the West part of Nigeria, Ibadan, Oyo State. He left Nigeria for the USA in 2015 with his family and after some years he relocated to Toronto, Canada where he released his first official song titled “Summer Vibe”.

Summer Vibe is a unique song unlike anything else. It originated from the Hip-Hop genre but also mixed with some Afro Sound a spice of dancehall which made the song completely danceable, relatable, and understandable to the major part of the whole wide world. The atmosphere this record creates will have you attracted to the culture of Afro beat. This plush production and arrangement gets you dancing with exhilarating energy by the moment you hear the first line. Baggotee is gonna have this summer down on lock with this tropical hit that many people will love and adore. “Summer Vibe” is this insanely attractive and melodic groove that’s going to have every party, car-ride, and kickback this season feeling more Caliente then ever!

Listen to Summer Vibe here and get to know more about Baggotee below!

Thank you for sharing your music with us BaggoTee! How was your upbringing like? When did you first get introduced to your passion for music?

ANSWER : Thank you so much for having me here, it’s a great opportunity for me to express myself and my thought about what I’m doing. Actually I was introduced to my passion of music by my cousin, very long time ago when we was very young.

Who would you consider a few of your influences and inspirations and why?

ANSWER : I can’t really say anybody influences me but myself and I got inspirations from things going on around me or my environment 

What has been the most challenging aspect for you so far as an upcoming artist? How do you overcome this obstacle or plan on overcoming this obstacle?

ANSWER : What has been the most challenging is getting a good producer that understand my kind of vibe and style. But thank God I met one producer in Canada, BRYM. He understood my craft and gave me a beat with my vibe

From your artist perspective, what is your favorite element in “Summer Vibe”?

ANSWER : Back inner the days when I never start to carry my “Bag”

Where do you hope to see your career in the next 6 months?

ANSWER : By Gods grace, I want to have a spot in the Limelight and become a star already


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