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Bailey Creates Passion Within “Fragile Words”

If you’re looking for the perfect song to chill, study or do some yoga, Bailey is the artist to listen to! As a singer and songwriter, he uses his lyrics and breezy melodies to create pieces of art that tell a story. Bailey is best known for his top single “Safe & Sound” which has over a million listens on Spotify, and his new song “Fragile Words” brings a similar ethereal beauty. “Fragile Words” is one of 5 tracks on Bailey’s recent EP project called “October.” He released “October” at a significant point in his life where he moved from London to New York, and each song portrays the emotion involved with such a life-changing event. His voice will surely transport you to a state of pure comfort and tranquility.

Bailey wrote “Fragile Words” with passionate lyrics that combine feelings of love and pain which are easy to relate to. He speaks about the “fragile words” that he has been holding on to, and how it would be easier to say them “only once.” The stories in Bailey’s songs are not only easy to associate with - they are also sure to expose real feelings. “Fragile Words” is a captivating chill pop song that will have you floating on a cloud while still feeling grounded.

Listen to “Fragile Words” here.



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