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Bailey James Follows “The Crow”

Up-and-coming rock 'n roll phenomenon and singer-songwriter Bailey James releases an anthem for loneliness and loss with her latest music video for "The Crow."

James has quite an impressive track record. She has her last single, "Finally Free," charted on Billboard, garnering over 250,000 fans across social media, and is appointed as the first National Youth Advocate for The Jason Foundation. On a more personal note, James started the health/suicide prevention awareness movement, The Finally Free Movement, in honor of her late brother, Zane.

The new single and music video, "The Crow," is also in honor of James' late brother, signifying a sort of emptiness and feeling lost but bearing the strength to persevere. The visuals perfectly back up the overall feeling of loss and aloneness, especially as the scene takes place in a dull, expansive field with shots of bare trees and a historical wooden cabin.

Taking a closer look at the video for "The Crow," drone shots peer over the tops of cold, wintery trees while transitioning into another overhead shot of James wandering an empty field in a floor-length dress. Sitting on the steps of a centuries-old cabin, she haunts us with a Stevie Nicks-like tone and demeanor while belting her deepest emotions on the hook.

The visuals continue to evoke a 70s witchy vibe as James tiptoes around in bare feet and long wavy hair with long sheer sleeves. There's so much passion and emotion in this video, and James is destined to move each viewer that graces such a cathartic and attention-commanding visual and auditory experience.

Set yourself free and follow "The Crow" with Bailey James' gripping new music video, now available on YouTube.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Bailey James. We genuinely appreciate such a personal and strong-willed music video like "The Crow." How does the music video represent the single itself?

Well, my parents and I shot the music video ourselves. It’s homemade and has Blair witch project vibes, making it feel more personal. The song itself is very personal to me, so it was important the music video felt the same way.

Would you say "The Crow" was one of the more challenging songs you've written, considering it comes from a significantly personal place?

Honestly, no. The more personal it is, the easier it flows out of me. I like to sit in pain and not run from it. A blessing and a curse, so no, “The Crow” was easy to write.

When creating the scenes for "The Crow" music video, did you have any influences or projects in mind? What inspired these visuals?

Blair Witch Project for sure. I saw the shots from the video and immediately got that vibe.

Could you tell us more about The Finally Free Movement? What is your goal?

I started the Finally Free Movement last summer while I was battling my own mental health issues. I was tired of only posting the highlight reel of my life and wanted to be transparent about how much I was struggling in hopes I could help somebody else. I lost my brother Zane to suicide, so these issues run in my family, and I’ve seen firsthand just how bad it can get. My goal is to save just one life and educate others on their mental health. Before I had a proper education, I thought I was going “crazy,” but what people need to understand is mental illness is an illness. An actual chemical imbalance in the brain. There is nothing crazy about that.


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