Baker Grace Loses Herself in “Midnight Thoughts”

Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter and brutally honest recording artist Baker Grace graces us with a complexly emotional yet groovy new single and music video entitled "Midnight Thoughts."

We've come to know the woman behind the Baker Grace name through each cathartic track she releases, always topping the last. Her confessional and vibrant pop songs always portray another side to the young singer-songwriter, helping us understand her that much more.

Baker Grace does so yet again on her recent hit, "Midnight Thoughts," which takes us through Grace's thoughts when the clock strikes twelve. Did she seize the day how she wanted? Did she take anyone's presence for granted when trapped in her racing mind? Both answers lie within the song's conceptual music video that portrays a dazed Baker Grace wondering where the day went.

Expanding on the music video for "Midnight Thoughts," we're met with Baker Grace and her counterpart sitting in a car, where he tries to console her as she expresses her intrusive thoughts. As a certain hourglass begins to glare and beam, symbolizing midnight, Grace spirals into a slumber where she wakes on the beach, confused as ever.

Another day, another midnight, and we see Grace wake up in several different places only for her to meet an alarm clock-like figure who showers her in sparks to awaken her.

The song itself is a groovy and mellow alternative-pop track with a dense bassline and a bright electric guitar riff to keep the energy alive. We adore Baker Grace's soothing and unique vocals paired with the song's poised instrumentation on the hook; she truly gives us everything we could ask for.

Keep track of your "Midnight Thoughts" with Baker Grace's new single and music video. Find the single on all digital streaming platforms and the music video on YouTube.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Baker Grace. We're very excited to feature your latest conceptual and vibrant single and music video, "Midnight Thoughts." Could you describe the moment you felt inspired to create this track?

I was sitting in my room at Midnight thinking about all the time I had been wasting thinking about my future and things that are out of my control. I had this idea to write a song called "Midnight Thoughts" and the next day I went to my songwriter's apartment and we made it happen.

What was your songwriting process like for "Midnight Thoughts?" Do you have certain methods that help you transform your thoughts into cohesive lyrics?

This song kind of just flew out of me. The songwriter I was working with, Michael Tigue, started playing the guitar and I just started to think about all the things that hold me back from being in the present and started singing them. I do a lot of work in my head, transitioning ideas into lyrics and melody simultaneously. Once I get something that feels good, I will write it down and see if I can make it even better. I like to let it be as natural and free-flowing as possible, I think that is when the best things come out.

Your music video for "Midnight Thoughts" was excellent. Who helped you navigate the video's visual concept and theme? What was your shooting experience like?

The director, Chancellor Warhol, helped me create the concept and bring my vision to life. I wanted to represent the feeling of chasing the clock and racing against time. I love how he created this dark "Alice in Wonderland" world to portray it. We shot all night from 5 pm-5 am, in the mountains of Los Angeles, it was raining and windy and there was even lightning. In the end, we got most of the footage but felt like it was missing something, so a couple of weeks later we went down to el matador beach in malibu in the dark, to shoot some other scenes. The full moon was so beautiful that night and the stars looked amazing from the empty beach. It was a crazy experience but definitely worth it in the end.

Could you tell us more about what you stand for as an artist and want to represent? How does your discography reflect who you are?

I want to represent the strength in vulnerability and authenticity. In so many ways, society encourages us to run away from our true selves and conform to other people's expectations but I don't believe that is how you find happiness. I want to show that there is so much beauty in owning your imperfections and learning from your pain instead of running away from it.

What's next for you?

I wrote the soundtrack for a movie called "Last Survivors" starring Alicia Silverstone that has 4 songs, including the lead single "Lullaby," which will also have a video. It is a really cool movie and I am so proud of the music. It's out on all platforms starting February 4th. I will also be releasing a single and video in March, it is my favorite video I've ever shot and the first song I produced myself in my home studio, I can't wait for you to hear it!