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“Balloon” By M.Lowe Is Giving Us All Chills

M.Lowe is a 19 year old Cincinnati based artist currently signed and recording his first album at Orange Whale Records. With a wide variety of influences, M.Lowe’s two EP’s and a slew of singles range from alternative rock to hip-hop and R&B. Growing up with a musically rich background, M.Lowe grew up playing piano, guitar and taking vocal lessons. 

M.Lowe’s latest release “Balloon” is a lost love ballad about his trials and tribulations within relationships. He’s admirably vulnerable and open about the raw wounds that are left after a relationship. M.Lowe’s brilliant lyricism boasts his emotive and powerful skill-set. “Balloon” features layers of instrumentals, most prominently the leading piano  and guitar riffs that we can’t get enough of. M.Lowe is able to flawlessly create music that his fans can relate to. We can’t wait to see where he’s able to go with this record label. Stay on the lookout for M.Lowe and all of his future endeavors. 

Listen to “Balloon” here and keep scrolling for more with M.Lowe.

Hey M.Lowe! Welcome to BuzzMusic! How did you get started making music? What inspired you at a young age?

From a young age my parents made me take piano lessons and I eventually began taking guitar as well. All through high school I took voice lessons and participated in choirs. I began actually writing songs with my dad's acoustic guitar at age 12 and began making beats on Garageband and uploading them to Soundcloud around the same time. My main influences when I was younger would probably have been the White Stripes and other 90s/00s rock acts, which still to this day influence the music I make heavily.

What’s your song “Balloon” about? What was the writing process like?

Balloon is about knowing a specific person will never leave your mind. It's about a situation where you would do anything for someone and they wouldn't have any remorse in letting you go.

This song has always been really special to me. I wrote in in 2017 to a more lofi, stripped down version of the song that my friend Nick had produced. In the lyrics I describe an emotional situation I was in at the time involving my first relationship.

What emotions did you have to channel when writing this piece?

This song can be characterized by a lot of different emotions but the main theme of Balloon would be regret. When I wrote it, I thought about all the things I had done for this person whom I had admired to no avail, and I questioned if any of the effort I went to was really worth it.

What are some things you enjoy doing, outside of music?

Outside of music, I study film and play soccer as much as possible. I'm just as passionate about soccer as I am about creating music.

What’s the music scene like in Cincinnati?

I've only played a few legitimate shows in Cincinnati so I don't have too much experience with the performance side of it, but Cincy has really strong hip hop and rock/punk scenes. I've helped produce songs for some artists on both sides of it and there's a lot of true, raw talent here for sure.


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