Band of Liars Cultivate Honesty and Charm Into "93 In November"

Band Of Liars is here to bring their truth to light in an authentic way. After enduring life-changing hardships, Band Of Liars come together to give us a very soft, stunning and balanced sound. There's a lot of meaning embedded into their songs, and each song will take you on a private journey with the band. Band Of Liars has recently released their latest single and music video, titled "93 in November". With this track, you can get a pretty good idea of the soul and country elements Band Of Liars to integrate heavily within their sound.

Band Of Liars has also released their music video for the anticipated single "93 in November". The track on its own features soulful lyricism, vocally offered by vocalist and frontwoman Rae Rae Jensen. Together, with producer Shane Soloski, the Band Of Liars creates the music video for "93 November" which highlights the passionate outflow of Rae Rae Jensen, but also maintains a rustic and mystical production. The lyrics of the song and the message it holds complements extremely well with the way Band Of Liars decided to lay out the creative aspect of the video. The music video of "93 in November" is filled with every emotion the song alone imparts onto you. We have to warn you, "93 in November" takes on a melancholic environment, where the content comes off as very reminiscent and reflective. Band Of Liar's authenticity is what really has us appreciating their sound. Collectively, they appear unified and synthesize harmonious sounds that complement the variety of lyrical content they have to share. 

Listen to "93 in November" here. 

Welcome back to BuzzMusic Band Of Liars! You had a massive show last night at Viper Room, tell us a bit about it, we're dying to know!

Last night was one of the first times I knew the audience knew all the songs and were singing along and there were many people I’ve never seen before dancing to every single song. It’s one thing when you know the people in the audience and they’re there because their friends and family but when complete strangers are into your music and they’ve never even heard it before and they start singing along and dancing that’s when you know you You are onto something big. It’s taken me many years of hard work and my producer Shane Soloski that is also the bass player of the band and musical director who has never left my side and has worked with me diligently on my vocals, phrasing, songwriting. This band has come so far we are ready for bigger stages and greater things and we need representation this year! 

Congrats on the release of your new single and music video for '93 in November". How would you describe your creative process behind this record?

The creative process behind the record basically took my long-time friend Producer Shane Soloski and his belief in me as an artist, his faith in my talent and my voice is the reason why I am where I am today needed. But it didn’t come that easy.. he knew I needed to dig a little deeper or maybe a lot deeper. We began working on the record he asked me what are you really feeling when you’re singing? what have you been through? At the time I was going through a divorce and I was completely shattered and devastated.  He said I’m not convinced you still sound so sweet, your vocals are perfect, they’re on the pitch, but I want to hear the pain that you’re going through because you really are going through the worst nightmare! It took three years of Shane working side-by-side with me telling me that I’m capable of great things - if I just trust him. This is hard to find in the music business these days, a producer and taking on an unsigned artist like myself, he has stood by me and I look forward to continuing to make him proud. All the musicians that have supported me in this band have had my back. They are all some of the greatest players in LA. I want more than anything to get us all some great opportunities and get our music heard by the right people, gaining the success we deserve after all the blood sweat and tears.  

What inspired you to write "93 In November"?

93 in November is a song about a woman going through the reality of a relationship that’s completely over and has been probably from the works “I Do” she has felt trapped for so long and alone. Sometimes even when your with someone you can feel completely alone. Back when was singing with Ty Stone, Kid Rock, Uncle Kracker I was coming back to Los Angeles after being on tour in Detroit and all over the Midwest it was the most unbelievable time in my life, but at home, I was having horrible marital problems and I was so lost and confused. I wanted so badly for it work out, but ultimately I was not meant to be with that person. I’m so thankful that it did in fact come to an end, not the best departure. Everything happens for a reason and I have zero regrets. The video and song ironically were written before my divorce, but it all somehow came true in the music video and the house and location in the video were where we once lived. 

Did you face any challenges during the production process of the video? How did you make your vision come to life?

There Were many challenges, due to the fact that my ex-husband had produced the song originally, we had a world-class music video directed by Shane Houston my dear friend, and the release of this video took longer than I wanted because I wanted to re-record my vocal and add to the production. The song just wasn’t up to par - Shane Soloski my producer insisted that the music video was too good to allow a mediocre production of the song, so we waited and I’m so glad I trusted him cause he was definitely right. The new Production of the song complements the dynamic and dramatics of the music video and I’m so glad it’s finally out for the world to see. Director Shane Houston is unbelievable and I want him also to get all the credit he deserves for this and I thank him for waiting for the release and hope he understands it was all worth it.    

What can we expect to see from Band Of Liars through 2020?

There’s no stopping me or this band in 2020 or even the next decade. We plan on writing new songs and we already have two we are finishing now in the studio- a song called “Redneck” originally written by Songwriter Jason Madera, and another song called “Just Drunk Enough” originally written by my Guitar Player Dean O'Leary. The band and I are looking forward to collaborating on this next album and the recording process is moving faster so finishing new songs won’t take as long. We are now a well-oiled machine and ready to kill it!! I plan to make sure I put this Band on the map in country music. I’ve done a lot of amazing things in my career as a vocalist,  I’ve been on hit songs, I sang with many great artists, and I have not come this far to take no for an answer.  I want nothing more but to take my mama by the hand and say we did it !! I come from a family of amazingly talented women and my mom started it all ... it’s time for me to set the record straight with BAND OF LIARS!