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Band Of The Day: Mile Twenty Four Release New Song "Falling"

Mile Twenty Four is an indie/alternative group from Nashville, Tennessee. The outfit began as a high school “Battle of the Bands” type group, and have now evolved into a group seeking to establish themselves in the music industry and develop a career. The band use a particular lyric from one of their songs as a mantra of sorts: “Love will never be replaced with Hate”. This lyric is meant to encapsulate the core beliefs of the band. This thoughtful group will soon be releasing an EP. BuzzMusic is thrilled to release Mile Twenty Four’s brand new single, “Falling”. Beginning with a sparse introduction with a catchy guitar hook, the song quickly allows the first verse to come through with a gradually building accompaniment from the rest of the band. This buildup continues through the second verse. When the chorus happens, it is with tremendous effect, with it’s with soaring vocals, a driving drumbeat, and a great hook. The lyrics are poetically and thoughtfully delivered with a tremendous vocal maturity. It’s clear from the sentimental single “Falling”, that we can expect great things from Mile Twenty Four in the future.

Listen & add "Falling" to your favorite Spotify playlists here!

Mile Twenty Four! Thanks for answering some of our questions. First of all, how did you all go from “Battle of the Bands” to the polished outfit you have today? What was the journey from high-school to present day?

I think the journey was more mental than physical for us. Sure we grew in our craft, but the real change was our mindset. It went from something that was purely about fun, to a deep rooted passion we had to chase. 

Would you be able to describe your writing process? How do you go from ideas to fully-fledged songs?

The writing process has typically been I (Wes) will write the bones of the song, and then the whole band will come together to turn it into what comes out on the record. However, we all tend to contribute ideas and inspiration. 

Nashville is obviously famous for it’s music scene, but how would you describe the way it is today?

Nashville is something special. It still holds it's honky tonk country roots, but it has welcomed an assortment of genres to it's streets. Two of the four of us are what you would call  "Nashville Natives" (which is pretty much like finding a needle in a hay stack these days). We've seen our city change so much and it has been so inspiring to see it all unfold.

“Falling” is your new single, is there anything you’d like to share about the meaning or message behind this song?

"Falling" is like an old friend to us. It's been in our lives in the midst of so much change. We've had this song in our setlist for almost two years, and now it's finally joined our discography. The message is also very special to us because it's theme has always resonated with us. Adolescence. We're all very young guys who are very much still figuring it out. This song is basically about growing up and realizing how hard that simple fact of life is. Realizing you are not all you thought you were. That you're going to fail. But also realizing that life is NOTHING without the people you love. And that is where you find value and purpose for your life. In people. 

What does the future look like for Mile Twenty Four?

Our hope for the future is to keep doing what we love. We hope more people will hear what we have to say. We want to play all around the world. And we hope to learn and grow through it all.


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