Bare it All with Niall Sexton's Latest Single, "SKiN"

Niall Sexton is an unassuming Irish musical prodigy. He emanates a unique style of contemporary pop using an eclectic blend of electronic, soul, and R&B music. Drawing on his own experiences, the talented songster writes powerful lyrics that supplement his spirited voice, extracting deep meaning and guidance through self-reflection which enhances the depth of his words with authenticity.

He discovered his voice rather bizarrely at the age of 14 while playing Xbox Live with a friend. In 2013, the Co. Derry native would go on to win a UK radio singing contest, securing him a supporting act with 3x Grammy winner Ne-Yo in Liverpool's Echo Arena in front of a sold-out 11,000 seater venue. The 'emerald-eyed singer-songwriter is currently residing in London, England where he continues to perform, absorbing influences from the multicultural and diverse music scene that surrounds him.

Niall Sexton has a knack for creating definitive soundscapes that are fierce with allure, and intimate with emotion. That’s exactly what you can expect with his latest release, “SKiN.” The manner in which his euphonious vocals are portrayed through layers of textured distortion has all eyes on him.

Centered in the impeccable mix, his intricate narrative relays a certain emphasis that oozes from his undeniable endowments. You can’t help but gravitate towards his entrancing essence. His aura radiates beams of authenticity wrapped in exhilarating cadences that are irrefutably saturated in passion.

There is no denying the talents that Niall Sexton takes into his musical creations. With his name being backed by icons such as Simon Cowell, Calvin Harris, and Nicole Scherzinger, you have high expectations going into a record of this caliber, and let us tell you; he delivers in a major way. Ushering us towards the heartfelt sentiments loaded in each lyrical motif he passionately croons, there is more to Niall Sexton than a striking voice.

Chalked full of charisma, you build a cognizant relationship with the individual behind the artistry as you feel each word more than you hear it. “SKiN” has Niall Sexton displaying his unsurpassed qualities. From our point of view, there is no end in sight for this brilliant artist.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Niall Sexton. The emotion you display in “SKiN,” has us fully absorbed in your artistry! Where did you come up with the concept for this mesmerizing single?

Hey BuzzMusic! I have always been a fan of you guys, so thanks a million for the feature - It’s very much appreciated! I tend to draw inspiration from so many different things; whether it be memories, relationships, or just everyday life experiences. ‘SKiN’ was personally written about an ex-relationship I had been through. This significant other had lost interest in me romantically, while I found myself falling hard for them. As the song states, I found it very hard to get them out of my ‘skin’ as they had truly ‘left their mark’. Although this was a dark period for me, life is a crazy rollercoaster and as musicians, we are very lucky to be able to turn an experience like this into creative pieces of art.

We feel the authenticity that went into this single. Could you please share a glimpse of the writing and recording style you used to bring this piece to life?

First off - thank you! I’m so glad you could feel the authenticity and can tell the song was inspired from a real place! I always write in different ways. However, I tend to gravitate towards melodies first with the lyrics following. This track was no exception! I initially based the song off of an ‘Ice Cream truck’ sound/sample in the chorus’ which was inspired by the intro to Tayla Parx’s song ‘Easy’. I have always been attracted to very obscure noises in production and during studio writing sessions we always search for the most random and weird sounds! As this song was written almost 2 years ago, we have played around with the tempo & composition quite a few times to see what was best suited. Initially, as the track was birthed in Toronto, naturally It has a hip-hop flare to it. However, when we were tailoring the production coming up to the release, we wanted to put more of a pop twist to it. Vocally, I recorded these in my friends' studio booth. To this day, I have never re-cut any vocals and what you hear on the track was recorded on that first day we created the demo back in 2019!! I really didn’t feel they needed changing. The energy was so infectious in the room as we were writing it and vocally, I feel like I captured that essence right away!

There is a word about a music video also being released for “SKiN.” What can you tell us about the vision that jumps from the visual component?

I am SO excited for all of you guys to see the music video for ‘SKiN’ and fortunately, the wait is over, as it is out NOW on my YouTube channel (NiallSextonMusic). The visuals are very 90’s grunge-inspired! I was watching a lot of angsty teen skater videos and felt like I wanted to create my own! My brother/manager Killian is a content creator and he had a huge directorial involvement in this project! The fact that he was in Toronto, Canada and I was in London, UK, during this worldwide pandemic, obviously made the shoot a little more difficult, but he overcame the hurdles and directed the video via FaceTime calls, believe it or not! The concept for the video was that I wanted every scene to be a representation of what was going on in the deepest darkest part of my brain during this relationship breakdown! Every true emotion (i.e fear, desperation, etc.) that I was afraid of being judged about, I wanted to be displayed in this music video! Also, as I mentioned above - This pandemic has left a lot of people feeling trapped and lonely, so It was crucial we portrayed that in the visuals by having only myself playing multiple personas/emotions. I am so proud of what we have achieved & it is by far the most conceptual idea to date.

With the number of accomplishments that you’ve achieved in your career so far, what is the proudest moment you have experienced?

Like I’ve said, I am very proud of this music video! Watching it back, it literally represents everything that was going on in my head and creatively this is my favorite thing to do! However, overall in music; the biggest and best experience that has ever happened to me was being able to open up for 3x Grammy award winner ‘Ne-Yo’ in concert! This was back in 2013, but has vividly stuck with me ever since! It was one of those ‘pinch myself’ moments! This experience allowed me to perform in the infamous ECHO arena, Liverpool, in front of 11,000 of his fans which give me the biggest electric buzzed feeling!! It was nothing like I had ever experienced before! Ever since then, I have been chasing the dream to make that my own reality, and one day, it will be!

What's next for you?

I am so excited to announce that I will be releasing music a lot more consistently this year, so this will be the aim for me in 2021. I have a lot of very exciting songs in the pipeline. Also, the next track I will be releasing at the end of May has a very successful up-and-coming rapper featuring on it which I am pumped about - my FIRST ever collab!! Until then guys, thanks so much everyone for reading and stay up-to-date with everything music on all my socials @niallsextonmusic !!