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Barry Szeto Allows to Peek Inside His Heartrending Thoughts

The British Columbia native, Barry Szeto has taken the world by storm with his passion for music. Carrying forth a persistent dedication that he continues to apply to his talents as a singer, this has led him to make the move to Toronto where he began his professional music career. With his heart on his sleeve, the profound honesty that he tackles in comforting tenors melts into your mind and heart.

Barry Szeto continues to expand on different vocal stylings and genres as a diverse artist which makes it so there is no denying the undeniable artistic talents that he carries as an emerging artist in the Canadian music landscape.

Unveiling his recent four-track EP, 'In My Head,' Barry Szeto takes us into dramatic soundscapes that have the power to ignite a flame within your very being. Beginning the project with the smooth power ballad, “Voices Of A Thousand Words,” we immediately grasp onto the tone that Barry Szeto etches into this bolstered introduction. His buttery timbres radiate a rush of poignant tenors as they cascade upon the resonated instrumentation in a major way.

Leaping into the prevailing essence he carries in the reverberated chamber of harmonies, there’s a striking texture that’s emphasized in the vocal effects used to convey Barry Szeto’s powerful transition from verses to the chorus. Embracing his inimitable croons as we’re eager to delve into the other songs place on ‘In My Head,’ we admire the profound brilliance that is Barry Szeto’s booming charisma.

As we find ourselves welcomed into the EP’s second song titled, “8 Hours,” the anticipation factor gets turned up a notch as we latch onto the storytelling essence that reigns supreme from Barry Szeto’s songwriting techniques. There’s a deep sense of mystery that he embodies as his vocals tiptoe through this composition with the desire to leave you on the hook of his compelling charm. Doing what he does best, we’re caught up in the manner he approaches this particular record as the chorus ushers us into lyrical motifs that we can’t quite seem to shake.

“I Won’t Go,” has us sifting through the melismatic nature that this record portrays as this song taps into a narrative that revolves around themes of love. Barry Szeto’s soft-spoken delivery still packs a punch as the words he performs are backed by authenticity. Fully engaged by the harmonious bliss that sparks euphoric energy through the melodies conveyed, we can’t help but think of that special someone the way that Barry Szeto intends for us to. Slowing the tempo down for us to tap into a medley of emotions that come flooding in, it wouldn’t be a Barry Szeto project without your heartstrings being pulled.

Reaching the closing point of the ‘In My Head,’ where we get to sit with the final vibes that Barry Szeto transmits through the sound waves, “For Real,” has us latching onto the sultry croons that transcend a heaping offer of honesty. Being the perfect way to close out this project, the slower tempo has us deep in our thoughts as the emotions stirred creep up with a well-rounded representation of Barry Szeto as an individual apart from the music. Basking in the sonic messaging, we reflect on everything we were able to take in on this grand journey provided to us. Leaving us with the vulnerability of his ways, Barry Szeto douses us in prolific offerings sure to cater to all.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Barry Szeto, and congratulations on the release of your heartfelt EP, “In My Head.” Listening to this project from start to finish was a true treat. We notice that you tap into the various stages of love as we delve deep into the collection of songs. Could you please share a bit about the concept that’s in place?

First and foremost, thanks so much for reviewing my music! I have been channeling my inner, deepest thoughts about my past relationships and how they affected me the past few years. During the pandemic, I have taken time to reflect on myself as a person and what is important to me. In this EP, I was specific in certain details of what happened to me and what was going on in my mind. For example, in "Voices Of A Thousand Words", I wrote this line, "sometimes I drive right by your house late at night and I don't know why, why do I, feel you'll come outside.." True story lol. I literally did that in real life and I thought I was losing my mind.

What inspired you to take these four tracks and bring this vision to life? What does “In My Head,” say about you as an artist and the direction your music is headed?

Since I am being more real with my lyrics and feelings, I am a bit more literal with what I am trying to say. My producer, Daniel Jay Sheppard has been experimenting with different sounds that best describes my style and how I'm feeling. We are definitely sticking to R&B as my main direction.

Out of the four songs heard, is there a song that resonates with you more than the others? Why?

That's a hard question because every song was written from the heart. However, the last track "For Real" is definitely an emotional song about unintentionally playing with someone's mind, making them believe that we have a future when I knew there never will be. It is not like me to lead someone on and mess with their emotion. This song is more of an apology if anything.

What are you hoping that your audience can take away from the themes and messaging exposed? Does this fit the grand scheme of messaging that your music usually takes?

I just want people to resonate with my lyrics as young adults. There are songs about getting back into the dating scene, being ghosted, etc. Many songs are very relatable.

What would you like your listeners to know about you that perhaps they don’t already know?

I really want to be more consistent with my music and content as I am the type of person who takes his music very seriously and I cannot just release songs to chase numbers and clout. My music has to be 100% ready. It's like a diary - I'm revealing my feelings and vulnerability. It just has to be perfect.

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