Barry Szeto Allows to Peek Inside His Heartrending Thoughts

The British Columbia native, Barry Szeto has taken the world by storm with his passion for music. Carrying forth a persistent dedication that he continues to apply to his talents as a singer, this has led him to make the move to Toronto where he began his professional music career. With his heart on his sleeve, the profound honesty that he tackles in comforting tenors melts into your mind and heart.

Barry Szeto continues to expand on different vocal stylings and genres as a diverse artist which makes it so there is no denying the undeniable artistic talents that he carries as an emerging artist in the Canadian music landscape.

Unveiling his recent four-track EP, 'In My Head,' Barry Szeto takes us into dramatic soundscapes that have the power to ignite a flame within your very being. Beginning the project with the smooth power ballad, “Voices Of A Thousand Words,” we immediately grasp onto the tone that Barry Szeto etches into this bolstered introduction. His buttery timbres radiate a rush of poignant tenors as they cascade upon the resonated instrumentation in a major way.

Leaping into the prevailing essence he carries in the reverberated chamber of harmonies, there’s a striking texture that’s emphasized in the vocal effects used to convey Barry Szeto’s powerful transition from verses to the chorus. Embracing his inimitable croons as we’re eager to delve into the other songs place on ‘In My Head,’ we admire the profound brilliance that is Barry Szeto’s booming charisma.

As we find ourselves welcomed into the EP’s second song titled, “8 Hours,” the anticipation factor gets turned up a notch as we latch onto the storytelling essence that reigns supreme from Barry Szeto’s songwriting techniques. There’s a deep sense of mystery that he embodies as his vocals tiptoe through this composition with the desire to leave you on the hook of his compelling charm. Doing what he does best, we’re caught up in the manner he approaches this particular record as the chorus ushers us into lyrical motifs that we can’t quite seem to shake.