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Barry Szeto Emits a Sizzling Performance in the Heated Melodies of "Voices of a Thousand Words"

Born in Vancouver, British Columbia, Barry Szeto's passion for music and singing began when he was 14 years old, performing in a local talent show. Barry Szeto's persistent dedication to singing led him to move to Toronto, Ontario, where he began his professional music career.

Barry Szeto made his first TV debut on the Canadian talent search television show known as 'Today's Talent Time' and finished as the first runner-up. Continuing to bask in the glory of his success, Barry Szeto placed a substantial amount of dedication to get to where he is today.

Providing crisp R&B sounds on his most recent single, "Voices of a Thousand Words," Barry Szeto flaunts his indisputable flairs in this smooth contribution of a mid-tempo, soul-infused ballad. Bringing life to zealous verses that touch on themes of missing the apple of his eye, Barry Szeto dives into a dynamically poignant performance as he leaves it all on the table.

With his heart on his sleeve, the profound honesty that he tackles in comforting tenors melts into your mind and heart. Oozing a charismatic persona, we tap into a new-fangled dimension with Barry Szeto's sweet conveyance. There is no denying the undeniable artistic talents that he carries as an emerging artist in the Canadian music landscape. Moving mountains with his melodious harmonies, you're effortlessly magnetized into the force field that is Barry Szeto.

The authentic role that allows him to delve into his life's vulnerable sectors is what makes him the center of attention as he continues to rapidly grow up his fan base. Always one to expand his creative mind through unique approaches to his musical stylings, Barry Szeto pushes the envelopes of his endeavors and continues to impress his audience with each innovative sound achieved.

Congratulations on the release of, “Voices of a Thousand Words.” The passion you put forth in this performance is extraordinary! What moment or story inspired the concept behind this single?

First off, thanks for having me! It’s been almost a year since my last EP release and I have had some time to think about what to write about etc. I have collaborated with a Toronto-based music producer Daniel Jay Sheppard from “That’s A Bar” (his production company). Although I wanted to get more creative with my writing, I felt it was more authentic to write about how I was feeling at the time. My last break-up was something that was still lingering in my mind and writing about it felt natural to me. The style of music was definitely more edgy and fresh from the music that I have released in the past. “Voices Of A Thousand Words” is a reflection of overthinking a situation - some may say it’s an unhealthy approach lol, which ultimately I start hearing voices in my head, telling me what do to, etc. The part in the song where I say, “sometimes I drive right by, your house late at night” was actually a true story. I literally drove by my ex’s house for no reason at all. Don’t judge me. For me, writing songs about how I feel is not only therapeutic but allows my true authentic self to shine through. Let’s face it, people can see right through the bullshit.

How long did it take you to create and record “Voices of a Thousand Words”? Were there any memorable moments that you experienced during the creative process?

This was actually the first song I have worked on with Daniel. It was surprisingly quick and easy. Originally, I wanted to write this super dirty, heavy hip hop, bumpy track (I was trying to be cool). It was a force of habit to try and write something mainstream and trending. We took a step back after laughing our heads off because it was clear that it was not who I am. Daniel started creating some sounds from scratch and I started singing random notes which eventually became words. Once we got the flow going, the lyrics just came flooding. We recorded my vocals on the spot which was intended to be demos prior to recording the actual song on our next session. However, Daniel felt the vocals were on point and honest so we decided to keep the vocals. I’d say 50% of the song are the original demos! That was one of the coolest highlights of this process.

With an extensive performance background, how have you found your artistic style adapt to the events of Covid-19? What has kept you inspired?

It’s kinda funny because being forced in confinement during the first wave, I have tapped into things I have never thought I would’ve. I have decided to make ruthless decisions on what I truly want in life and as an artist. I have cut off everyone who is toxic in my life and started writing about what I truly feel. I’ve even started taking online singing workshop classes to brush up on my vocals and also doing some live virtual performances. I even released a Japanese cover song that I have wanted to do for the longest time! Overall, I am just thankful that we have platforms to connect and share my music with the world. Thank God for social media lol.

What is the overall message that you send out to your audience as an artist?

First and foremost, I want to give thanks to everyone who continues to follow me and supports me. In these trying times, it’s super important to support each other and be thankful that we are all still here. I will continue to make music and hope to meet all of you when all this craziness is over.

What can we expect to see next from you?

I am currently finishing my latest EP entitled “In My Head” and will be releasing it very soon. You will hear different ranges in my vocals and some very deep lyrics. Every single song was authentically made and a part of my truest self is revealed in this EP.



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