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Baruch Helps Us Keep Faith With His Powerful Single, "Lifeline"

From Nicaragua to Los Angeles, the singer-songwriter, inspirational artist, and worship leader Baruch releases an ode to hope with his latest single, "Lifeline."

Having traveled to over 35 countries on tour through worship and revival nights, Baruch began changing the pace of his life and career after finding enlightenment with the power above. Defining his music as "original enough to be unique, but familiar enough to be sung at church," Baruch fuels his sound with catchy hooks and powerful lyrics, engaging listeners of all walks of life.

Written during the global pandemic and his brother's dangerous spinal surgery, Baruch's latest single, "Lifeline," serves a platter of hope for listeners to hold and treasure. Reminding us that we can't always control what life throws our way, Baruch also touches on how we are in charge of how we respond to these situations, where he turns to God to lean on.

Diving into "Lifeline," we're met with warm acoustic guitar picking and Baruch's breathy and soulful vocals, singing of holding someone dear to his heart through balladic lyricism and heartfelt delivery. While the instrumentals pick up their energy alongside Baruch's passionate delivery, the song drifts us through bliss with each tender and uplifting element, emphasizing Baruch's endearing lyrical message.

Through lyrics like "...and when I feel I'm lost at sea, your lighthouse leads me home," Baruch inevitably gives listeners a chill up their spine, as we can't help but feel nothing but pure love and hope through this shimmering single.

Don't miss out on Baruch's inspirational single, "Lifeline," and find the rest of his powerful discography on all digital streaming platforms.

We genuinely appreciate the inspirational words and lyrics you've delivered within "Lifeline." What pushed you to create this emotional and highly optimistic single?

Lifeline was created during the middle of the 2020 quarantine. Like most artists, I was faced with unprecedented challenges and forced to adapt or fade. When the realization came that all my plans and international tours I had worked so hard for (Over 20 countries) had to be canceled, I felt downhearted and came face to face with embracing a new season in my life that was full of questions.

Then a brash realization came: My identity is not contingent on what I do or how much I can accomplish, but rather my identity is deeply rooted in Jesus, and that simply means being faithful during every season, regardless of my ability to be successful or productive in the things I am most passionate about.

This season taught me that I can't always depend on my abilities, my plans, or my emotions because clearly as we have all learned, these things can be taken away from us and that would cause us to be fragile and unstable. Rather, when I place my trust in something bigger than myself, there's an indescribable force that anchors me during the pits and valleys.

The idea of "Lifeline" came into a deeper reality when my younger brother who suffers from spinal muscular atrophy and is currently in a wheelchair needed to face a very risky spinal fusion surgery. Immediately my mind wanted to drift to negative thoughts, I began to experience the highest levels of anxiety and panic attacks like never before. When the thought of "maybe this is the last week with my brother" came to mind, I would have to pull over on the freeway and cry and ask God, "Why?". Asking rhetorical questions to God is scary but also healthy because we are left with no other choice but to have faith, and ultimately not carry the burdens of life by ourselves. This is when I realized, we can't always control what happens to us, but we can always control how we respond to what happens to us. "Lifeline" is my response.

The underlying story in this song is: Bad things happen, we can't always have fake optimism, but we can always choose to let go of our stubborn anxiety and let God take control. Ultimately leaving us in a dark abyss with only faith and hope, and an honest plea for help. And if you're wondering, thankfully the surgery went successful and my brother is doing a lot better now.

Did your lyricism come easy to you when writing "Lifeline"? How were you able to write lyrics that can be universally relatable?

My writing process usually fluctuates between a melody in my mind that I write to or a theme that turns into a melody. I strongly believe in the universal power of collaboration. I know for a fact we can go faster alone, but further together. I want to go further because healthy forms and structures are massively more important than speed. What's the point of reaching a mountaintop with no one to high five and celebrate the wins? Fortunately, I have an amazing songwriting team that helps me fill the gaps and bring together fresh concepts and ideas in the areas where I lack. I usually will sit down with my friends Tommy & Ellie Allen and present the concept of my new song with the current melodically/lyrical structure and we are then able to throw more ideas in together and come out with the best possible version of what my initial idea was. I love it! It's always fun, fresh, and inspirational. Writing "Lifeline" was fairly effortless because it was raw and genuine. All we did was translate what my heart was saying from its experience into ink and paper.

Did you work with any musicians or producers for the sonics and instrumentals within "Lifeline"? What was this recording and creative process like?

Yes! Every time I release a song there is a team of people involved in the creative process as well as the production which is done between Los Angeles and London. Sometimes, I'll have friends from Germany add some cello, or other vocalists in LA add some beautiful harmonies in an effort to bring the most excellent outcome. In the context of "Lifeline", we wanted the music to assimilate the message and purpose of the song, which is why it is very simple and not overproduced. Overall this song only has acoustic guitar and vocals. There is beauty in simplicity, honesty, and collaboration.

We've heard that you have an album that was supposed to drop summer of 2020. Do you still plan on releasing this project in the future?

Releasing an EP or 6-8 song album was my original idea for the later part of summer in 2020. This, like many other plans, was scheduled before the current pandemic hit us and ultimately shaking all of our plans to dust. When summer came, I decided to press pause and spend more time being intentional with my family and friends who needed me. There was a lot of pressure in committing to a deadline and not so much commitment to the art of creating. So I decided to just release singles until further notice, allowing my sound to evolve with myself and to not limit my creative process to calendars and industry expectations. This now is allowing me to expand my vision, write even greater songs, and be in a healthy mental state without stress. One of the upsides of not touring has been being able to grab my notebook and acoustic guitar again and sit in my room for weeks and just let my guitar bleed into the pages.

What's next for you?

I'm currently riding the waves as they come. Short term, I am releasing my first official music video this week which was filmed in Joshua Tree National Park. I am also going to be releasing my first wave of songs in Portuguese soon, a decision I made after a successful tour across Brazil with my team in February 2020. I'm so excited to have my multicultural side finally expressed through my art. I am going to be releasing more music and videos as well as a world tour as soon as it is safe to do so. I plan on going to all 5 continents with an incredible team. Stay tuned for the new music and tour dates near your cities! Long term, I am open to evolving as an artist In whatever way that looks like. My ambition is not to be famous, but to serve people and help them through my songs and experiences. To lift people up, empower them, and encourage. If I can impact lives and cause people to have faith again because of my music, I am fulfilled as a human.


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