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Bask in the "Detroit Sunshine" With Donovan Montgomery's Debut Single

Drenching us in Detroit's electronic nightlife, the producer and DJ Donovan Montgomery releases his groovy debut single, "Detroit Sunshine."

Diving into music at an early age through guitar, drums, and attending music camps led Donovan Montgomery to a future of creativity. After hosting the radio show, The EDM Hour of Power at Cave Radio, Donovan Montgomery began focusing on his solo career and musical path.

Highlighting his debut release, "Detroit Sunshine," Donovan Montgomery sonically expresses his love for his hometown while offering us themes of what to expect from the city's bright future. While fueling the song with groovy basslines and haunting vocal chops, Donovan Montgomery takes us right back to the beach with this bouncy release.

As we hit play on "Detroit Sunshine," powerful and sultry female vocal chops open the song alongside a deftly kick, dropping into a bright beat drop with futuristic synths and a groovy bassline. Merging sub-genres of electronic like deep house, progressive, and tech-house, Donovan Montgomery does an excellent job of transporting us back to the wild festival nights.

About halfway through the song, we can hear sonic similarities to the producing style of the electronic duo DADA LIFE, as Donovan Montgomery takes us back a decade with the intricate and tightly-wound drum arrangements. Ending the song with energy through the vibrant vocal chops and piercing drums, we absolutely adore the lively sonic atmosphere of this hit.

Introduce yourself to the electronic stylings of Donovan Montgomery through his debut release, "Detroit Sunshine," and follow the artist as he begins to put his city on the map.

Congratulations on the release of your debut single, "Detroit Sunshine." Why did you want this track to lead the way of your career?

I wanted the track to show unity and pride not just in the city of Detroit but with many other cities that have a bright future with innovative sounds.

Did you work solo on the creation of your single "Detroit Sunshine,”, or did you bounce your ideas off any other creatives and producers?

I created Detroit Sunshine a while ago but was inspired to devote my energy to complete the song during the 2020 pandemic.

How does "Detroit Sunshine" sonically tell the story of your love for the city?

Detroit has unique sounds that reflect the pride and resilience that you can find in the heart of the city with summertime vibes.

How does "Detroit Sunshine" prepare us for the sounds and styles we should anticipate from you in the future?

Detroit Sunshine is the first of many in the EDM sector ( Electronic Dance Music) that I will produce and release.

What would you like new listeners to know about you and the music you create?

I’m a DJ by nature who enjoying spinning and producing EDM. I’m a native Detroiter and I want my listeners to know that they can follow their dreams no matter the challenges or complications. If you work with diligence you can move forward with your goals.

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