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Bask in the Heartfelt Croons of Demi Michelle's, "Will I Ever?"

Heartfelt, charismatic, and unique are three words used by listeners to describe Demi Michelle’s music. She turns her life experiences into songs that touch the hearts of her fan base through captivating storytelling in her lyrics.

Her creativity and love for both Pop and Country music drive her passion for writing meaningful songs with melodies that wrap each song’s message in the warmest hug. She greatly looks up to Julia Michaels, Kelsea Ballerini, and Taylor Swift, three incredible songwriters who share their stories in raw and truthful ways. Demi strives to remain honest and authentic as a songwriter in her own music and during her collaborations with other songwriters and artists.

Taking in the mesmerizing styling of her angelic croons, Demi Michelle eagerly shares her most recent single, “Will I Ever?” with the public. Through delicate instrumentation that bounces through the speakers in an eloquent manner, we get exposed to a heartrending story illuminated with bright musicality in order to propel its quintessence forward. “Will I Ever,?” delves into strikingly crafted lyrics that Demi Michelle alluringly brings to life.

With an array of heartfelt tendencies, the words spoken leap into our minds through the lyrical motifs she elusively sprawls across her artistic canvas. ‘A spark so bright. A kiss so sweet. The moment when two hearts find their special beat,’ has us wrapped up in the precious moments that love contains, however the remaining question in this thought-provoking soundscape is, ‘Will I ever know how it feels to fall in love? To fall in love?’

There is beauty in the uncertainty as Demi Michelle addresses it. What vibrantly speaks to us is the manner in which Demi Michelle can take such a personal moment for herself and share that vulnerability with her listeners. She allows everyone out there to know that they aren’t alone, as they take in the luxurious progressions that seep through “Will I Ever?”

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Demi Michelle! We absolutely love your latest single, “Will I Ever.” Was there a particular moment or story that sparked the creation of this song?

First, hi! Thanks for the opportunity to share “Will I Ever” with you. The song is definitely very personal and close to my heart. Usually, when I’m writing songs, there’s a specific moment that sparks inspiration. “Will I Ever” was a little different. I’ve been trying to write a song with “Will I Ever’s” message for a very long time. For a while, I didn’t have the strength to do it. Every time I tried, I got extremely emotional and had to stop. Still, I kept trying because songwriting is my way of processing the dark moments of my life. In September of 2020, I finally wrote “Will I Ever,” and even though it was difficult emotionally, I feel like getting all my thoughts and feelings out into the song helped a lot. So, rather than a single moment that sparked the creation of the song, it happened over a period of time. After finally writing it, I held on to it for months because I was scared to record it. In March, I found the courage to do so, and after making final revisions to the lyrics, I went to the studio.

In your own words, what does this track mean to you? What are you hoping that your audience takes away from it?

“Will I Ever” means everything to me. I struggle a lot with wondering if I’ll ever know how it feels to fall in love. In a way, this song is a mirror that reflects my thoughts and feelings back at me. Instead of being lost in my mind, I have a song that says it all. That’s the most beautiful thing about songwriting. My songs speak to me and share my story in a way nothing else in the world can. I hope my listeners find comfort in this song. We all struggle with questions that don’t have easy answers, and we all wonder things about our lives that are beyond our control. For me, the question I grasp for an answer to is “Will I ever know how it feels to fall in love?” Whether listeners have that same question or a different one, I hope they know they’re not alone on their journey. I wrote “Will I Ever” because I was overwhelmed by the question I ask in the chorus, and now that the song is out, I hope it can bring a sense of comfort to my listeners, too.

Could you please share a glimpse into the creative process that brought “Will I Ever” to life? How do you feel now that this song is released?

I loved the whole process of creating “Will I Ever.” I usually start with lyrics while songwriting, but for this one, the chorus melody appeared in my mind one day and the lyrics fell right into place. Writing the verses was fun because I love imagery and metaphors. I tried to really paint a picture of my own feelings and also my perception of love. I actually rewrote the second verse about a week before recording it, and I’m glad I did because the lyrics, “I fall for dreams, trust butterflies, keep counting my clouds, but they don’t add to nine,” are my favorite in the song. Also, everyone knows I love bridges, and I really wanted to write a strong bridge that captures the heart of the song. The way the beginning of it is stripped down and intimate takes the song to a deep level. Then, the build-up to the final chorus creates a sense of desperation in the way that I repeat, “Will I ever know how it feels? Will I ever fall in love?” multiple times. Also, the overlap of the lines and the echoes add to the overwhelming sense of confusion and illustrate how this is something I ask myself over and over again. I really enjoyed the recording process as well. When I initially wrote the song, it was acoustic, but I really wanted it to capture my favorite style of contemporary pop music. My producer and I had a lot of fun producing the song, and I think the contemporary pop vibe and fun instrumentation balance out the vulnerable message of the song. That all being said, I love “Will I Ever” acoustic, and there will be an acoustic version as a bonus track on my upcoming album, Dear Diary. I want listeners to get a glimpse into the raw emotion I felt while writing “Will I Ever,” so sharing the acoustic version is my way of doing that. The days leading up to release day were rough. I kept second-guessing my choice to release “Will I Ever.” I stayed up until midnight to hear it when it dropped, and honestly, that first listen on Spotify made me feel so free and calm. I’ve bottled up these emotions for so long. I’m not a very open person, which sounds unbelievable coming from a songwriter, but it’s true. The things I write about are things I don’t typically talk about with others. My songs are my way of communication when it comes to my story. I couldn’t be happier “Will I Ever” is out because I don’t have to hide anymore. It took a lot to take this first leap, but now that I did, I’m ready to share all the other songs I have in the works. With “Will I Ever’s” release day behind me, I feel much more confident moving forward.

What has been the best piece of advice that you’ve been given that you wish to share with your audience?

It’s quite simple, but “be authentic,” is a piece of advice I’ve received from a handful of people in the music industry. I realized a long time ago how important this is. When I started songwriting, I wasn’t authentic. I was imaginative and told stories instead of sharing my story. I couldn’t connect to any of those songs because they weren’t from my heart. Being authentic is very difficult. Releasing a song like “Will I Ever” takes a lot of strength, but at the same time, no one will connect to a song if the songwriter doesn’t. Listeners want to listen to a song and know the artist singing it believes every word they’re saying. I remind myself every day to be authentic because I want to share my story and touch the hearts of people all around the world. So, for any aspiring songwriters reading this, “be authentic,” and the rest will follow.

What’s next for you?

Next is my debut pop album, Dear Diary. I can’t wait to share the full story with everyone. The album is anticipated to release in October. Also, I’m working on a lot of new country music. I’m hoping to release another single or two at the end of the year, if not, early next year. I can’t wait for all of this music to be out. I poured my heart into every song. Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to read the story of “Will I Ever.” It means the world. Sending all my love to you.


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