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Bask In The Luscious Drive Of Kelly Vargas

From the intimate findings of the mind and her heart, Kelly Vargas is an artist who takes us on a sonic venture time and time again. The Alternative R&B/Pop Latinx artist uses her music as a central source of vulnerability, expression, and healing in many forms.

Dippin into writing because of its blissful nature, we are fully absorbed in her elusive essence heard in "short ride." The beauty within this record is a message that Kelly Vargas represents boldly and proudly.

Reiterating the act of not falling for the potential of a partner, relationship, or scenario, Kelly Vargas' enthralling croons tell us to take the facts as it is and face the truth and its outcomes. Doing so by mesmerizing us in the fluttery cascades of conscious lyrics and alluring tone, the dark and simmering elements have us indulging in this "short ride" longer than we can help ourselves.

Learn more about Kelly Vargas and her new single "short ride," here.


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