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Bask in the Optimism of Wil Project's Recent Single, "New Day"

From Birmingham, Michigan, the indie-rock band Wil Project revisits their past in an optimistic and feel-good new single entitled "New Day."

Beginning to write and record music in December of 2020 started a unique musical venture for Wil Project. As Wil Project gears up to release their debut album, 'What We Don't See,' this fall, the band is currently fine-tuning their sound and aesthetics to establish themselves within our evolving industry.

Recently releasing the second lead single, "New Day," off of their forthcoming album, 'What We Don't See,' Wil Project can be heard exclaiming their optimism, which is as equally infectious as it is stimulating. The song itself is incredibly soothing; it carries a certain uplifting vibe that's bound to leave listeners looking at the glass half full.

Hitting play on the single, "New Day," the song opens with the band's lively instrumentation crafted by Scott Morgan that sets a feel-good and relaxed tone. As the lead vocalist, Mark Zammit, makes his warm appearance, he graces us with a sonic hug through his calming stylings that sing of traveling down the long road of life and seeking its peaks along the way.

As Wil Project drops into their delightful hook, they crash our speakers with their soaring electric guitar melodies, rhythmic drum breaks, hard-hitting rhythm guitar, a dense bassline, and Mark's bright vocal portrayal. We love the optimistic tone of this song, as it leaves us seizing each day and savoring the gracious moments that make life worth living.

Look at the bright side with help from Wil Project's latest single, "New Day," and prepare to feast your ears on their forthcoming debut album, 'What We Don't See,' later this fall.

Interview with: Scott Morgan

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Wil Project. We highly appreciate the optimistic and positive feel of your latest single, "Falling Down." What inspired your band to write this feel-good hit?

When writing "Falling Down", the music and lyrics came to me really quickly. When I shared the song with Mark, he immediately felt a connection to the sound and lyrics. He was instantly attracted to the driving bassline and melodic guitar fills. I remember he called me late on a Friday night and was really excited for me to hear his vocal arrangement, and I could already feel his passion for the song through his expression over the phone.

What did you want your listeners to feel and experience from the instrumentation within "Falling Down?"

When I start working on a song or building something, I try to focus on creating a vibe that makes you feel something. Wil Project has always been about creating elements of connection. When I wrote the bass line to "Falling Down", it had a very The Smiths sound to it and I knew we needed a guitar intro that would not take away but compliment the sound sonically. I try to think about each section of a song and how I can add a new ingredient to it so it continues to evolve and surprise you. Our songs structurally include atmospheric guitar fills and vocals that align throughout the songs.

Could you introduce us to your group members and how you executed your creative process when formulating and writing the single "Falling Down?"

Mark and I have known each other for over 28 years and have always played music together in some way. I always knew I wanted to write an album with him but never committed the time. After my father, William Reed Morgan passed on January 14, 2018, I knew I wanted to finally work on completing an album in his honor so Wil Project was born. In December of 2020, I shared a couple of songs with him and it just clicked. I started writing songs every day and sending him demos. I think I sent him like 10 demos and he was like, "another one," I can't keep up with you! We were super stoked about the songs and the sound and knew we found something unique after playing together for so long. I began fine tuning the sounds and recording each instrumental guitar and bass track and would then send over the songs with the lyrics and Mark would do his magic to help with the arrangement and finding the true essence of each song. We then started working with a friend/musician/sound engineer Miko Mader, who helped us develop the songs even more by playing the drums on the track and added his personal mixing touches.

Why did you choose to release "Falling Down" prior to your forthcoming album, 'What We Don't See?' Does the single help prepare listeners for what they should expect from the entire album?

Honestly, we decided to release "Falling Down" because it just came together so naturally. From the very moment, I started writing the song and when I sent it over to Mark to add his vocals, and then over to Miko to add the drums and start mixing, it just worked. We were actually going to release "New Day" which is out now on our website and releasing on July 19th on Spotify and all music streaming platforms but "Falling Down" just seemed to make more sense. I think it is a very universal song that everyone can relate to with a very dreamy rolling-like texture and uplifting sound. It really is all about picking up the broken pieces and moving on. The rest of the album both lyrically and sonically following the same theme.


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