Bask In The Passionate Moment With Natasha Blaine In “Vegas”

Hailing from Nashville, singer-songwriter and adventurous recording artist Natasha Blaine serenades the soul with her smooth-sailing new ballad entitled "Vegas."

Initially from Seattle, Natasha Blaine is best known for blending jazz, soul, r&b, and pop music reminiscent of D'Angelo, Lianne La Havas, Amy Winehouse, and Emily King. Her buttery vocals and energizing live shows have caught the attention of audiences at venues like The Basement, The Analog, The 5 Spot, The Listening Room, and Rudy's Jazz Room.

Now a regular around the Nashville music scene, Natasha Blaine is securing her spot with new, chilling releases like her recent single, "Vegas." It's a tender and ear-pleasing modern-day ballad where Blaine discusses how she doesn't need to go to overrated Vegas; she has all she needs at that moment with someone special.

Diving deeper into "Vegas," this ethereal single begins with twinkling r&b keyboard melodies that shift into downtempo jazzy percussion alongside Natasha Blaine's stunning vocals. While describing how she doesn't care for the nights out, bright lights, and the heels she can't walk in, Blaine reminds us that all she needs is to be in this person's sweet presence.

Speaking of sweet, Blaine's fluttery and vibrant vocals serenade us with delicate harmonies and the sweetest melodies that leave us floating on cloud nine. The song's minimal and soothing instrumentals perfectly let Natasha Blaine shine in the spotlight with her radiant vocals and emotive lyrics that end the song with heaps of passion.

Who needs Vegas? Ditch that night out with friends and opt for something special with help from Natasha Blaine's lush new single, "Vegas," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Natasha Blaine. What inspired you to write such a soothing song about ditching "Vegas" for some alone time with someone special?

Thank you for having me! Last fall, a bunch of my friends was telling me they were going on trips to Vegas. It was funny; it felt like everyone I knew suddenly needed to go to Vegas for a few days. I've only been there once, when I was 12, but I've always found that city so interesting. It's like real life doesn't exist there. One night, I was talking to my sister on the phone about this on the way to a co-writing session, and I heard myself say to her, "Vegas is so overrated." I immediately decided that this would be what I wanted to write about that evening. I brought up the idea to my co-writer (and producer), Ryan Connors, and we ran with it. "Vegas" is about the indescribable way love makes you want to stay put in the moment. What was your vision for the vibe and atmosphere of "Vegas?" How did you want the instrumentals and production to make listeners feel? I wanted this song to come across as honest and introspective but groovy at the same time. I wanted the production to suck you into this world the lyrics paint.

What was your favorite part about creating "Vegas?" What did you take away from the experience? I think since both Ryan and I had such a clear vision of this song from the very beginning, it was amazing how effortlessly the pieces fell together in production. My favorite part of the recording process was definitely the day we did background vocal parts. I always love recording BGVs since I have so much fun improvising and writing parts collaboratively. But there was something extra magical about the BGV session for this track. I came out of that session with this incredible feeling that we'd really taken the song to another level. Since living in Nashville, do you think the city's music scene has influenced your music? How has "music city" impacted you? Living in Nashville has had the most amazing influence on me creatively. I think the special thing about Nashville is the genuine love of music that brings people here. And because Nashville draws so many talented people from all musical backgrounds, I've been lucky to get to collaborate with songwriters, musicians, and producers who've had a big impact on my sound. I try to push myself to find time to write and record with new people, which I hope to always keep doing. What's next for you? I'm wrapping up production on a few more singles which will be out over the next several months! I've been playing all of these songs at my shows with my band, so I can't wait to get the recordings out there. Plus, I have lots of local Nashville shows coming up, too, and (hopefully) I'll be going on my first tour in 2023!