Bask in the Various Remixes of Kacey Fifield's, "Confused"

The award-winning 16-year-old, Kacey Fifield, is known for her artistic finesse as a singer-songwriter. Now, going worldwide with her recently released single, “Confused,” Kacey Fifield teams up with various producers in order to bring a newfound dimension to the release that was brought to the ears of the public earlier in 2021.

We always love a good remix, but Kacey Fifield ensures we have an array of sounds to choose from with this ingenious approach. Looking to cater to her ever-growing fan base in the way she knows best, the notable melancholy that lies within the picturesque resonance of “Confused,” is transformed at an all-time high. Three producers mean three various remixes that we get to fully absorb ourselves in.

Starting with the Ricardo Padua version, this won’t be the first time that the two creatives have linked up in order to bring a refreshing take on her poignant musical expressions. Allowing the piano forward essence of this song to still triumph in its original realm, the addition of ambient synths and golden horn notes propels the conscious resonance of Kacey Fifield’s angelic timbres in a new light.

Compared to the altered approach that the Netherlands' very own Bassanova provides, we get to see “Confused” thrive on the opposite side of the spectrum. Combining weighty bass elements to capture the peaks and valleys of Kacey Fifield’s vocalization, the emphasis still remains on the lyrical motifs protruding from the passion-fueled energy of the emerging artist. Keeping listeners on their toes as we embrace this unorthodox approach, we have to admit that the allure offered has us fans of the unexpected.

Perfecting this trio with Aless Vanco’s more melodic approach to the electronic elements showcased, there’s a mainstream appeal that takes over with the Belgium producer's rendition of “Confused.” The intensity that sculpts the sentimental timbres of Kacey Fifield has us admiring her in this Electro-Pop spotlight. Proving that with the right elements her vocal range is redefining versatility, we simmer in the brilliance that is this high octane buoyancy.