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Bast¡an Released A New Single You Won’t Forget

A freshman at USC who is just now diving into his ever existing passion for music, Bast¡an has been pursuing music ever since he was in middle school. Now a college student, Bast¡an has been crafting sounds in a dorm room setting for a couple of months now. His ease with mixing genres is something he capitalizes on. Some of these genres includes, Pop, RnB, Rock and more.

Bast¡an released his first single titled, “Won’t Forget” and the lush production snags its listener's attention. “Won’t Forget” blends together variations of trendy sounds in the beat. The beat projects a trap energy with the hazy sounds creating a light-hearted pop environment. One of my favorite elements to the record was the electric guitar that was just insanely electrifying. It capitalized on the rock n roll genre he incorporates in his sound. What I loved about this record was how the vibes reminded me a lot like an atmosphere Canadian artist, The Weeknd would create. Being a personal fan of the Weeknd, the atmospheric energy from “Won’t Forget” made me more infatuated with the single. Bast¡an's vocal is a smooth-sailing resonance as he sings about heartbreak, and disappointment. These themes behind the lyrics help produce a relatable feeling and you’re able to connect with the song on a more deeper context. Providing us an outlet for us to vent with ears, Bast¡an’s “Won’t Forget” is the perfect melancholic trap song we can add to our playlists of emotional hits!

Listen to "Won't Forget here and get to know more about Bast¡an below!

How has the college environment helped you focus on your music and craft?

I think before college I didn’t have the right outlets and drive to actually set my

passion into motion. But once I got there in January, I saw all the talent surrounding

me and everybody really putting a huge amount of effort into their various interests:

so I was like “Alright let’s finally get this started!”. It was only a matter of time, and

my college environment helped me meet the right people and jump right in.

Tell us about “Won’t Forget” and the theme behind this record?

It’s actually funny because the early version of the song was radically different in terms

of themes and messages. But as my producer, Alex Hein, and I rewrote it I wanted to convey

the message of what emotional and psychological toll a toxic interaction with someone can

have. I think the theme of betrayal also runs through the track, this idea of having had

something good, and it all going downhill because of that unhealthy interaction. I guess that

makes this track somewhat more of a Marvin’s Room vibe: something I only realized

post-release haha.

What inspired you to write this?

It wasn’t one thing in particular, more of a mix of complicated relationships I’ve

been through. The track isn’t dedicated or focused on one event or person, I thought

that would’ve been too standard, so combining different “storylines” actually makes

for a more interesting story. I’ve actually had a handful of people come up to me and

ask what inspired it and every time they offered different versions about what the

influence could be - I guess I succeeded?

Are there any direct influences for the sound and production of “Won’t Forget” ?

I’m a huge fan of 070 Shake and her fantastic blending of genres: at some times

her sound comes out as more of a rock tune, whereas sometimes it’s straight rap or

singing - and we wanted to have a similar pattern with Won’t Forget. We knew it was

going to be a pop song in some ways, but it had to stand out a bit, and our guitar bits

definitely took care of that for us. We also spoke a lot about Post Malone and his use

of vibrato, autotune, and ease with alternating between types of sounds: definitely an

influence too.

What’s next for you?

Right now, the main focus is making sure Won’t Forget gets the right exposure. I’ve also

got a music video in post-production, so that’ll be coming out soon! In terms of music, I’ve

got one song close to ready for a near future release and a handful of tracks ready to get

engineered. I’m excited to see where all this goes, and Won’t Forget has gotten incredible

support, which we’re super grateful for!


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