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Bastiko Is Here With His Latest Release “Running Around in Circles”

For Bastiko, music has always been a cornerstone in his life since picking up the guitar, drums, and vocals in his first grunge band when he was 15. He formed a strong interest in exploring the electronic music scene in Germany towards the end of his teenage years. Bastiko began experimenting with fast-paced Hip Hop beats over his own lyrics. Overtime he continued to refine this skill ultimately becoming his unique signature style. After finding his niche in Hip Hop, Baskito has released his new single “Running Around in Circles”. A song that mixes Electro-Pop with his catchy Hip Hop sounds. Let’s tune in! T

This track is a unique electronic Hip Hop sound that takes me back to the late 90s classics. The Pop and Hip Hop had a bounce to them that were unique to that era. And Bastiko has that sound! The track comes in with what sounds like a retro keyboard. Then the 1-2 beat drops, giving you that feel as if you are walking to the beat! Very cool! I love how he mixes both English and German lyrics. The native language gives the track another musical element that makes it stand out.


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