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"Bathe in Sunshine" with Bobby Páraknight's Latest Single

Soaring in from New York City, the accomplished actor, musician, dancer, singer-songwriter, and pop/rock artist Bobby Páraknight releases a lively song of the summer entitled "Bathe in Sunshine."

Well-versed in various musical genres, Bobby Páraknight mainly creates music influenced by sounds like jazz, pop, folk, rock, and classical. Having collaborated with different musicians, Bobby Páraknight found his own unique sound while paying live shows around NYC's most famous venues.

Now releasing his sweet summer single, "Bathe in Sunshine," listeners are able to sit back and relax with help from Bobby Páraknight's uplifting and bright performance. "Me and my team selected Bathe In Sunshine out of the catalog of songs I've written to kick off the summer; it felt just right, being a very bright and upbeat number," states Páraknight.

Delving into the single, "Bathe in Sunshine," the tune opens with an upbeat and fun-loving instrumental arrangement, blessing our speakers with groovy electric guitars, a swinging piano, and bright drum breaks. As Bobby Páraknight makes his way in, he begins letting listeners into a picturesque atmosphere through his passionate lyricism that pays tribute to the peaking summer season.

We adore the charismatic and youthful vibe of Bobby Páraknight's performance, as he paints several images into our minds that get us craving the sweetness of our savory summer. With brightly layered vocals accompanied by a soulful array of groovy instrumentation, Bobby Páraknight makes his way to the outro with incredible heart, passion, and life.

"Bathe in Sunshine" with Bobby Páraknight's latest single, now available to stream all summer long on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Bobby Páraknight. We truly appreciate the uplifting summer feel of your latest single, "Bathe in Sunshine." What inspired you to write this fun-loving single?

Hello! I wrote it on my piano, New Years' Eve 21. I was playing out some Waltz-y chord progressions and the initial chorus came about. I stashed it away, only to later complete it when we selected it for the release and enter production with my producer.

I wrote, intentionally, playful and surrealistic lyrics over it for e.g “I screamed across the universe, Saint Lady Marry Poppins lullaby, I got a letter saying Bobby, they’re prophesied to Bathe In Sunshine”, it could also refer to the limited perceptions and tiny repetitive joys of human life - but, I’m not writing anything on stone and limiting observation hahaha!

So I played all the Guitar and Piano parts, asked my friend to play bass on it, and orchestrated a jazz-inspired drum track, out came "Bathe In Sunshine, the first of the summer 2021 releases to come!

When choosing songs to release from your catalog, were there any other prominent contenders? What drew you to "Bathe in Sunshine" to release first?

I and my team selected "Bathe In Sunshine" out of the catalog of songs I’ve written to specifically kick off the summer, It felt just right, being a very fruity, bright, and upbeat number. There’s an abundance of songs that truly represent my artistic musicality, from Pop to my roots in classic & progressive rock amongst major influences in jazz and electric sounds. Perhaps as a Singer-Songwriter first, some of the best written lyrical pieces, brewing up behind the curtains, which I can’t wait to share are yet to come, songs that are some of the first I wrote to the ones being written now. Here on, I’m glad to truly take the audience into my world.

Did you work alongside any session musicians, producers, or engineers when formulating the sweet summer sonics for "Bathe in Sunshine?"

I entered production with my producer and engineer closely produced all the elements alongside, live at the studio. I played all the Guitar and Piano parts myself and asked my friend Christian Mckenzie aka thakillerclam to play bass. There was a point, under the sway of an azure summer sky, I was about to call on a saxophonist friend for a solo part lol, but chose a different direction. next time!

Do you usually create such relaxing and easy-going tunes, similar to "Bathe in Sunshine?" Or is this single more of a tribute to the forthcoming summer season?

There is no limit or barrier for me as a song-maker and I like to create pieces that are truly special and distinctive works of Art in their own right. It’s Art, undone, ripped apart from its molding, and rebirthed. they can be rather heavy, avant-garde, a visceral artistic spectacle, or a simple entertaining piece. I don’t usually create such easy-going tunes but every now and then, a lullaby? I absolutely love to! And this one was especially a tribute to the beginning of summer 2021. In the upcoming releases, people will finally truly get to see and absorb my sound which will be universal but very unique in a lot of ways, songs I’ve written about the complexities of life, the grandeur of reality, or rather a cat and mouse folk tale.

What's next for you?

I will be truly coming forth as an Artist and entertainer and exploring and showcasing my writing, singing, and also dancing persona, inspired by Gene Kelly to MJ to Fred Astaire or Baryshnikov! It’s about to be a very special and fun ride, so, come together!


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