Battery Life Showcases His True Nature In “Distilled”

What is Battery Life? Who is he? What purpose does he bring? Well if you’re curious, Battery Life is the encapsulated culmination of a deep-seated passion for honesty, and a soul-nourishing need to write and arrange music for the sake of identity and catharsis—the music he writes is merely an extension of his corporeal form. He becomes re-energized by the purpose of refined self-exploration.

Battery Life released his single titled “Distilled”. Distilled is the melodic and harmonically rich song that fulfills the meaning of purpose. The vocals are mesmerizing and captivating with powerful lyrics. The warmth texture added to the soft resonance soothes you over into a cozy setting, just right for the song. The transporting melody from the electric guitar brings you into a time period of classic alternative, soft rock music. The genre of soft rock music is gorgeous, genuine, and pure. “Distilled” is a representation of those authentic elements. The dynamics in “Distilled” is measured by delicate and compacted energy while adding expansion into more augmented and abrasive components. This requires significant amount of vocal skill that Battery Life personally possesses. Battery Life uses his music to navigate the rising tensions of early adulthood, the desire for more, and the struggle to break free from old patterns. The vulnerability in “Distilled” is what makes this song frequently played on my playlist. If you need the perfect melancholic tune that doesn’t shy away from being “Real” then “Distilled” by the extravagant Battery Life is the song for you.

Stream "Distilled" now on Spotify, and keep scrolling for Battery Life's personalized interview.

Hello and welcome to BuzzMusic! Mind introducing yourself to our reader's Battery Life? 

Thank you. My name is Joe and I am a musician from Michigan that makes music under the name Battery Life. 

What inspired you to create your stage name “Battery Life”?

 As I was working on my first full length, “fine.”, I toiled over what my stage name would be. I realized, amidst that sort of chaos, that a recurrent theme in many of my songs is death and what such permanence makes me feel and how it affects my approach to living everyday. Our bodies run much like a battery: we charge them, drain them, and repeat until they are worn. Battery Life.