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BAYWUD Shines With Unyielding Brilliance On Latest Release, "Walk Alone"

BAYWUD, the L.A. based indie artist, musician, and songwriter, is like a man ahead of his time. Through the connections he's made grinding it out in the music pits of Los Angeles, he managed to swing a publishing deal with Patrick Conseil, who later landed him a single with the electro-pop producer Verskotzi, which gave a debut to the popular single "Golden Cord."

His modern conceptual progression into his divisive performance in "Walk Alone" devotes a whimsical melody that strengthens and provokes a feeling of unity between us and helps his breakthrough as an independent contemporary songster. His music remains just as lush as ever, sounding like an antique stopwatch in pristine condition, ticking with a slight skip in its gear as the song glows its modern textures.

"Maybe if we learn the trust each other, we don't have to walk alone," he sings in the magnetic toplines of "Walk Alone." It's a song about coming together to face the challenges we are all experiencing in these challenging times, with a video accompaniment that shifts between expressive shots of suffering.

In contrast, the sounds of this song's anthemic chords and invigorating nature lift us up with BAYWUD's magnetic cantor and driving soft-rock accompanying arrangement—a suggestion that he does not need to update his aesthetic and tone, as he finds comfort in his organ backed, two and four driving rhythms.

While his collaborative records have proven to be one of the healthiest landings in playlist additions and stream plays, his solo adventures on "Walk Alone" come as his sharpest and most endearing ventures yet, gushing with wholesome character and a healthy hitting video supporting his message of unity.


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