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BD3 Marks a Top Spot With His Recent 3-Track EP, 'trois pour trois'

The Brooklyn-based MC, rapper and hip-hop artist BD3 showcases his extensive versatility with the range of emotions throughout his latest 3-track EP, 'trois pour trois.'

Often referred to as the reincarnation of classic hip-hop, BD3 fuses the sounds of afro-beat, reggae, Latin, rock, soul, and funk to shake each stage he graces. Drawing inspirations from his experience as a father, educator/mentor, creative, and student of life, BD3 takes every lesson in stride and encourages his audience to connect with each well-thought lyric.

Recently releasing his latest EP entitled 'trois pour trois,' BD3 jam-packed this project with three thorough tracks that each expresses their own individual emotion. What's all the more impressive is BD3's ability to jump from track to track and have emotions and concepts flow so cohesively and seamlessly.

The EP opens with the introductory track, "DEDICATION," where BD3 sets the project's tone with heavy drum patterns and more of a mysterious and ominous vocal delivery. Listening to BD3's bars, he tells us his story of grinding hard to bring his dreams to fruition and being dedicated to his craft.

Moving through the track, our heads are bopping along with the punchy drum breaks and the playfully melodic background keys that offer more of a serious and intense tone. Reaching the end of the piece, BD3 takes us through the journey to success while also coming through with rather sultry and lustful lyricism, ending the track on a heated note.

Getting into the grooves with the EP's second track, "SAY LESS," the tune begins with another ominous and dark beat that sings through our speakers with eerie melodies, a bouncy bass, and kicking drum patterns. As BD3 begins chanting his bars with incredible vigor and poise, he brings us into several different realities of striving to make ends meet only to relish in the success of his peaking music career. We adore the powerful and dark tones of this track, as BD3 and the accompanying production keep us locked in for the ride as we reach the last piece of the project.

Ending the EP with the outro track, "MOTIVATION," this track opens with a catchy piano melody that drops into the well-rounded production with DaBaby-type kicks and crisp drum patterns. BD3 leaves us in awe of his oozing charisma that keeps us engaged into each bar he exclaims, primarily through this piece, as he touches on his dreams and pushes to achieve them.

The production keeps the song incredibly groovy and powerful, especially as the eerie melodies begin to expand and keep the song pumping until the very end. As BD3 makes his way to the outro while exclaiming his desires and dreams, he leaves us wanting more of such a thorough EP.

Jump into the heat with BD3's blazing EP, 'trois pour trois,' and experience each emotion and vibe he's thoroughly portrayed within each track. Find the rest of BD3's expansive discography on all digital streaming platforms.

Hello BD3, welcome to BuzzMusic, and congratulations on the recent release of your 3-track EP, 'trois pour trois.' Was there any exterior force or occurrence that inspired you to create this project?

Thank you, I really appreciate it! As far as exterior occurrences not so much. A lot of my inspiration is intrinsic, something inside of me not so much outside. Although I do draw inspiration from experiences the content usually comes from a place of how I internalize those experiences. 'trois pour trois' was 3 shots to add to the depth and range of the catalog. Seeing as you've fueled your EP 'trois pour trois' with various emotions and concepts, what did you want to get across to your audience through the project's entirety?

First I wanted to make sure that my audience was fully aware that they/I/we are capable of pushing boundaries and creating new rules. Setting the standard of our respective paths, through motivation, through saying less and doing more, and through dedication and hard work. We put the points up and keep scoring, we aren't worried about keeping score.

Did you write each bar yourself within the EP 'trois pour trois?' How did you create each track to flow into the next so cohesively?

Anything you hear me on is all me, there isn't any collaborative effort when it comes to writing my lyrics. That is a golden rule that I stand by. No ghostwriting over here! I pride myself on my pen game, but also the melodies and hooks as well. Usually, the people singing my songs are singing my words and my melodies. As far as this body of work I kept it fun and light, I wanted to inspire but also I wanted it to be easily accessible, that's why I chose specific sounds in the production to create a vibe and married the tone and flow of each piece to gel together

Throughout your EP 'trois pour trois,' there seem to be common sonic themes within each track. Did you team up with any producers to help create the sonics for the EP?

For this project, I started with "SAY LESS" which was produced by Strix, after that was done I skimmed through a bunch of beats that I had and found joints with similar sonics and vibes. The goal was for people to press play and bop, but then, later on, listen to the words because they're very important.

How does your EP 'trois pour trois' contrast your other releases? Do you usually deliver similar lyrical concepts within your songs?

This release stands in its own pocket and broadens the range of my artistry and how people define my music. Most would categorize me as classic '90s inspired Hip Hop. BoomBap or Jazz Rap, R&B, etc. But I'm all of those things and more. This effort was more fun, more current, a little dirtier. The concepts are always going to change because as humans we engage with different scenarios in life. If my music was all one narrative then it would be a total misrepresentation of me as an artist and as a person. Nothing is monolithic, definitely not with me, it's about depth.

What is next for BD3 in 2021?

I got more cooking up, "SAY LESS" off of 'trois pour trois' will have a visual coming soon that I hope you guys will support! I currently have a project out with Unkle Nephew called "SUNNYDALE", this year we will be releasing the instrumental version, along with a dope Quarantine Live at Home Performance. FKAJAZZ, Natalie Olivere, and I are releasing a new record called "TALK" within this month. and I have at least 2 more EP's this year plus the "SUNNYDALE 2" Album and a ton of visuals, remixes, and guest appearances, something coming soon with the legendary Marlon McClain. Also will be shining light on some up and coming artist like Walky Wah. The idea is to pay it forward, expand and keep growing! Merchandise and a rebooted website where you can find, support and BUY everything BD3 related is also on the way!

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