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Be Prepared to Turn Up the Heat with Grim Chiefa's Latest Album, 'Hot As Hell'

Hailing from Charlotte, North Carolina, the 28-year-old multi-talented artist and rapper, Grim Chiefa, defines growth and versatility through his artistic creations. Getting into music around the young age of thirteen, he quickly began writing his own music and experimenting with his songwriting abilities through his niche of modern Hip-Hop and Trap music.

Grim Chiefa makes it hard to look away from such a prominent, stable, and intriguing sound. Stating that his life and past experiences influence and inspire the majority of the melodies he puts out into the world. After releasing six studio albums and a handful of singles, he is determined to make listeners swoon over the depth he reveals in each authentic and textured sound Grim Chiefa offers up. 'Hot As Hell,' is no exception in this twelve track album that gives a better look into who Grim Chiefa is as an upcoming artist and individual.

The first record on 'Hot As Hell,' is “Heat.” A perfectly fitting intro for an album of this caliber. The simplistic yet hard-hitting instrumentation of the beat powers through with a heavy bassline and some stringed components that add a great counterbalance to the flavors offered. Grim Chiefa has a solid execution with his emcee like deliveries touching on old school Hip-hop roots with a modern twist. His elevated rhyme schemes express the total self-confidence that he radiates in this record and his lyrics talk about bringing the heat - no matter where he is.

“Stain,” is the second record given to us and it carries such an unmatchable cadence for Grim Chiefa to approach and exceed. Known for his heavy lyricism, the tonal distinction in his vocalization about being on a mission and not stopping for anything or anyone conveys such a powerful message as this track could double as an anthem and offers you everything you could possibly need with “Stain,” being under two minutes. That just means, this is one to hit replay on.

“Bandwagon,” has a wavy, dystopian ambiance crafted in the production of the composition. The enticing drums keep you swaying from side to side as you’re pulled into the depths of Grim Chiefa’s intoxicating performance. Approaching this record with more of a modern flair to his high impact delivery, it carries mesmerizing to a whole different level as he tells a real-life abstract story about women hopping on the bandwagon just because they see his success. He doesn’t know who is real and who is fake, but the truth will tell in due time.

Next up, we have “Bottom.” With a slow tempo and captivating rhythm that keeps this record on your head top long after the song is over, “Bottom,” is under a minute and holds some sharp one-liners as he gives you sixteen bars about coming from the bottom. Grim Chiefa has a distinct way that he transports his message through and through. Each magnetic delivery allows you to see a different side of him that you come to know and love. Leaving you anticipating what’s next.

“Off Hand,” is the fifth record on 'Hot As Hell.' The enticing hi-hats and memorable claps set the tone that this track is going to deliver at a high voltage. The upbeat ambiance has Grim Chiefa’s performance landing heavily on our minds. The methods he uses to space out his well-crafted lyrics are refreshing as a lot of the time Hip-hop is about the number of words you use and rhyme. His expression of being able to do this all in his sleep and run circles around anyone who tries to step to him immerses us in the confidence we need to take with us every day as we tackle our goals.

“Scar,” is next on the roster, and can we say, catchy. Automatically the components of this instrumentation carry a far from average, eventful feel to it. However, the way that Grim Chiefa rhymes to this vivid beat in such an effortless manner, has us floored. Once again exuding the type of self-assurance that we long for, Grim Chiefa flexes the fact that it doesn’t matter who you are, he is not stepping out of the way. So if you’re ready for it, he’s ready. As one to always give his all, this comes as no surprise to us.

The seventh record we have come across is “No Hope.” With a smooth and slowed down tempo that reigns with a bassline that should have its own weight class, Grim Chiefa is offering up yet another side of what makes him unique. With an intellectual story about how he used to have no hope, this can be considered one of the more conscious songs on, 'Hot As Hell.' The well times ad-libs create an otherworldly dimension to this particular track. They draw you in with a magnetic force field.

The gravitational appeal that is within “Solid,” has you tiptoeing around your surroundings to the delicate yet powerful composition set in place. Grim Chiefa’s ability to take a beat and use it as a blank canvas in which he paints upon with the words he pens is an enthralling quality that we come to admire more and more as 'Hot As Hell,' progresses. This particular number is about the lack of trust that he holds as he makes his way up in the industry. He notes that nothing is solid these days but if he can rely on anyone, it’s himself.

“Attic,” is the ninth track on 'Hot As Hell.' This song instantly unravels the creative thought behind it as Grim Chiefa’s faded persona in the clouds takes any challenge regardless of how lifted he is. He knows exactly what’s going on at any given moment. The winding atmosphere acts as a utopia for everything Grim Chiefa. The crafty wordplay and rhyme schemes are given to listeners for a track that is just over a minute, holds high on the totem pole as we near the completion of 'Hot As Hell.'

Coming in on the tracklist at number ten, “Pollen,” delivers us speedy and catchy emcee like abilities from Grim Chiefa that shine a light on his artistic versatility. The message in this song reiterates the fact that he is not here to play around. He wants to establish his name and build an empire all while doing it in his sleep. The fact that Grim Chiefa’s lyricism gives us something unique to commend him on, doesn’t surprise us one bit. After listening to this sonic voyage, you’ll see exactly why for yourself.

“Bury Pain,” begins with an enchanted tone to the instrumentation that has us quickly anticipating which approach Grim Chiefa will take this time. Soon after the mind-altering drums come in, we’re hooked. Grim Chiefa paints a picture of constantly taking wins over losses but never discrediting the times he loses because it only makes him stronger as an individual and artist. As he gains another win, he doesn’t have time to celebrate because he is far from leaving his long-lasting impact on the world.

The final song Grim Chiefa leaves us off with is, “New Chingy.” Coming in with an ominous appeal to initiate the record, this one stands out as vastly different once the up-tempo rhythm comes into play. The dominant influence of his conveyance sends chills down our spine as he uses clever metaphors about the durag he flaunts having him feeling like a well-known Hip-hop artist, Chingy. We found that this track was in the perfect placement to leave listeners wowed at the collective works from 'Hot As Hell.' Just like that, we want to click replay and add our favorite records to our queue.

'Hot As Hell,' truly showcases Grim Chiefa as a top contender in the up and coming new age of Hip-hop. With each song on this album sprinkling a different flavor, we can’t wait to see what’s in store for this artist as he progresses through his musical career.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Grim Chiefa, and congratulations on the release of 'Hot As Hell.' With an album of this caliber, we would love to know; do you have a favorite song that resonates with you more than any other?

I honestly like every song on the album, but if I have to pick one that resonates with me the most I would have to go with “Bottom” it’s just a dope little song that pretty much defines me, in like a cool defiant way.

What is the meaning behind this album as a whole?

Suffering from your flaws but having fun at the same time

Could you please tell us a bit about the creative process that went behind the making of 'Hot As Hell?'

To put the whole thing together it took about 3 months. I would get inspired and make like 5 songs in a week but then would lose inspiration, go live life and make a song here and there.

How long did it take you to record the collected works?

I usually would record all the lyrics in one sitting. and just take my time mixing the songs day by day. I like to mix a song and then listen to it in different settings and just go back and make adjustments to the things that didn’t sit right with me

What would you like your listeners to take away from this album?

It’s ok to be who you are and have fun with it.


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