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Be Swept Away By The Gentle Tides Of Tayrn

There are two fundamental ways to describe the enigmatic British singer/songwriter/producer Jamie Linney aka Tayrn (pronounced 'Tay-ren'). One, he has hazel eyes, and more importantly, he is a musical maestro! For anyone seeking to partake in and relish the incomparable pleasure to be  gained from listening to a solid body of artistic genius , Tayrn’s self -produced debut album Tides is a sure way to ascend to musical nirvana. The gentle but poignant instrumentation, the subtly pulsating keys and the riveting synths all make for a truly commendable collection of well-written and expertly-produced compositions. The combination of relaxing tempos and delicate facets of urban contemporary influences stealthily but doggedly erodes our consciousness and inadvertently sends us cascading down a psychedelic waterfall. Songs such as the eerily engaging “I’m Alright”  ,with its rebellious tone and haunting background vocals, are reminiscent of 80’s Dream Pop but with a millenial twist. “How Much You Mean” , a beautiful collaboration with Emma Bieniewicz, is an ethereal and melodic declaration of love and acceptance. There is so much diversity in the album’s thematic exploration - love, loss, loneliness- that Tides makes for the perfect coming-of-age soundtrack. At the same time, it also caters to the more mature listener - serving as a musical accompaniment to any rite of passage in life.  There are many words that could be used to describe Tayrn's Tides - I am partial to transcendent and breathtaking.

Listen here for Tayrn's "How Much You Mean", and continue scrolling for the artists interview!


Tayrn, thank you for chatting with us! Can you tell us a bit about yourself!

Thanks for having me! I am 21 and based in the UK. Been singing for 4 years, writing for 2 years and producing for 2 years.

Your music is so atmospheric. Tides is like a lit candle in a once dark room. You can feel the emotions in all 8 tracks. What was the writing process like? What kind of atmosphere did you create to get such pleasing results?

My writing process varies with each track, sometimes I will start with lyrics and I will have a firm idea of what the track will be about. Other times it’s very unconscious and seems to fall out when I hit record. Im inspired heavily by photography, films and life events. My goal was to write 8 songs that were engaging and honest. In terms of the atmosphere whilst creating these songs there was pure excitement.

You write, sing and produce! A jack of all trades. What part of the creative process do you favour the most and why?

My favourite part is definitely the writing side of it. I love the idea of having a completely blank slate and making something that people can relate to and benefit from, whilst expressing what I need to. Having said that I do like a good nerdy chat about production! 

Who are your biggest musical influences and why?

My biggest musical influences would be a lot of folk and chill electronic music. Early 1975, Haux and Lauv to name a few. The 1975 have always impressed me with there conversational lyrics. Haux and Lauv inspire my production style and inspire me to be a better producer.

How is the rest of 2019 looking for Tayrn? What goals do you have?

Planning to put some more music out there! Planning to keep writing, recording and growing ‘Tayrn’. Toward the ends of this year I hope to be playing live and have a merch line available.


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