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Becky Raisman Lights Up a Room With, "Sun"

The multi-talented Becky Raisman is back with her latest single, “Sun.” Hailing from Charleston, South Carolina, the Alternative Pop essence of this singer and eclectic keyboard player, is magnetically captured as she carefully crafts her own lyrics in the glorious presentation of herself in each song released.

Originally from the Chicagoland area, Becky Raisman takes control of this lively instrumentation as she expresses the passion within her as she sheds light on the blossoming love she holds. Tones of hopefulness radiate through the microphone in the bellows of her vocalization. Becky Raisman once again puts her best foot forward as she has her promptly emergent fan base gravitating towards her. Offering up a taste of that golden hour sonic glow, this budding Pop artist delves into mature themes as she cascades her burning passion upon the vibrant masterpiece of, “Sun.”

As euphonious melodies rest in the spirit of her vocalization, she conveys an unmatchable raw talent that can be found in the depths within. Using the tried and true techniques that Becky Raisman has learned along the way, she navigates through her own flavored course all while providing heartfelt bliss for us to fall into. Igniting scorching rays, Becky Raisman has us convinced that she is our, “Sun.”

Hello Becky, welcome to BuzzMusic, it's wonderful to have you with us. What moment or story inspired you to create the track "Sun?"

I wrote the lyrics and melody. I wanted to write something catchy, positive, a fun summer song. This song would be a great summertime fun in the sun. I wrote the lyrics and melody. I recorded vocals at Charleston Sound Studios

Could you please take us into what the creative process looked like when creating, “Sun?"

I got the track on, it's a website where they have already made tracks or find someone to collaborate with. I love this website.

How do you allow your musical inspirations to speak into the music that you share with your listeners?

Just have fun with it, If you want to sing then take lessons, join the choir, do karaoke, open mics, singing contests, and just network. Also, try out for those reality singing shows. Have fun in the sun.

What has been your biggest takeaway for 2020?

Well, 2020 was quite a weird year but I got to write some songs, I even went to Nashville over the summer and recorded at Omni Sound. I was on a few blogs, digital music magazines, I did 3 online singing contests. Before the pandemic I was in a few singing contests at Bangkok lounge, I was a finalist, then another one started but had to stop due to the pandemic.

What goals do you have going into the new year with your music?

I hope to write more songs, be it on the Voice or America's Got Talent. Keep pushing, keep going at it. Trust the process.

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