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Become ‘eMotional' in GB Zizzy’s Latest Release

Hailing us from Florida is the six years coming Hip-Hop artist GB Zizzy whose music is known for being versatile since making a name in his town. Drawing influence from early R&B and then fusing that with modern music that he is listening to, GB Zizzy makes for unique experiences that we’d be hard-pressed to forget. Recently BG Zizzy released his album ‘Forever in Control,’ and we’re going to be diving right into the release “The eMotions” this one is a hard-hitting bop.

As soon as “The eMotions” opens up, we were thrown into a vibrant, colorful painting that felt like a reflection of GB Zizzy’s life. “The eMotions” is fun and upbeat from start to end. GB Zizzy does not hold back on what he is capable of. Using spicy 808 drums that line up with an exciting piano makes for the perfect combination where his master-crafted flow will be able to breathe without getting in the way of other parts. With lyrics like “I don’t feel no pain,” we felt what GB Zizzy was not able to feel and could not help but think about the events that lead to the creation of this song. We will definitely be listening to the rest of the ‘Forever in Control’ album after listening to this one.

You can find “The eMotions” here.

Hey there GB Zizzy! Welcome to BuzzMusic! We couldn’t help but feel that “The eMotions” was a reflection of your life, how do each of the lyrics relate to your life? Was there a particular event that inspired this one?

“The eMotions” is definitely a reflection of my life. At 20 I’ve faced many obstacles and been in the face of adversity many times. The song was supposed to represent “day to day”, “the motions of life”, and emotion we all deal with. 

This release is vibrant and fun from start to finish. Was this something you wanted to achieve during the initial songwriting phases? How did you come up with the beat and piano groove?

I never was looking for an initial vibe just had some lyrics from thinking to myself one day, found a beat to go along with my lyrics and got to it. 

After listening to “The eMotions” we are definitely going to be giving the rest of the album a listen, is there an overall story that you are trying to tell throughout the album? How does each song relate to each other?

My album represents being in control of your life, meaning, taking responsibility for your actions, putting initiative towards your goals, and not blaming anyone for your mistakes. BEING ACCOUNTABLE. Each song was a different emotion/thought process to really bring the meaning all together but the album really focuses on improving and taking action.

How do you feel Gainesville has helped the growth of yourself as an artist? Have you ever felt like changing cities to find new inspiration?

Gainesville has given me tons of opportunities to grow my fan base and myself. From doing shows in night clubs to performing at parties, there’s support but there’s also a sense of disconnection and misunderstanding, so it’s made me realize to keep bringing attention to the hip hop culture here in Gainesville. I’ve thought multiple times on looking for new inspiration somewhere else but I think it’s a pretty special thing to grow as an artist where you grew up your whole life, people will respect that. 

What's next for you?

Next, I plan to do more shows not just in Gainesville but around Florida, hopefully around the US and just bring good music to the people, I hope to a build team in Gainesville one day to help all aspiring artist succeed and gain knowledge on the passion we all share.


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