Become Inspired by SM Tone’s Album 'Anything Is Possible 2'

SM Tone has come from an incredibly diverse background, from playing live instruments, working stagehand, to being the CEO and Founder of Souf Inner Circle LLC. SM Tone is an artist who pushes creative imagining to the next level. Since jumpstarting his career in 2017, SM Tone has worked with countless artists, producers, photographers, and graphic designers to bring their work to a never-before-seen light. It is now bringing his music to shine with his solo album ''Anything Is Possible 2'', which has gained over 100,000 streams within the first week of release.

Opening up the album is the release "Inner Thoughts," and this one is the perfect vibe setter for the rest of the album. It's full of good energy, like something you can imagine playing while watching an old montage of the best moments you had with friends. "Inner Thoughts" is all about SM Tone reflecting on who his real friends are, and this is something that many people will be able to relate with. Following up is "Soufside Baby," and we were blown away by how the tempo was brought down, but the hype of the song went right up. Introducing here are some characterful saxophone licks that beautifully compliment the storytelling in SM Tone's lyrics. We couldn't help but feel like this was the song that SM Tone set out to create if he had to pick a vibe for his crew of people. "Investments" perfectly transitions shortly after, opening up with this esoteric piano that SM Tone then begins to tell us about how we have to invest in ourselves and never to overlook that. There is a slight bounce to the drums that get introduced here that perfectly compliments the performances of both SM Tone and here to deliver some new lines, Bluntana. Then to hit us with a wave of nostalgia is the record "Ol Lady," this one features a patient drum rhythm that has classic 808 sounds fused in with modern claps, and then also ethereal background vocals that swim right over our heads. While listening to this one, we can't help but feel surrounded by an ocean of emotions from deep within SM Tones' heart.

Hitting us next is "Patience," as one could expect by the literal themes so far, this one is about being patient in life and how things will come if you are patient. We'reWe're loving how characterful SM Tone was with his vocal performance; it has a fascinating autotune effect that sounds truly unique and organic to us. With the help from Teflon Quan, SM Tone introduces us to an almost Cuban flair in the record "One Way." The sound design sticks out here; the background choir singing is master-crafted to sit perfectly in the background while still being prevalent, combined with the solo trumpet "One Way" makes for a perfect mid-album anthem. "Long Time Coming" then tells us about how SM Tone came from the absolute bottom and then pushed forward to make it to the top. This hardship acts like a motivational speech that a lot of people will feel more determined from after listening. Hitting us with the wholesome emotions after is "Thankful," opening with a honky piano that is full of good energy creates the perfect setting for SM Tone to come out and deliver an inspiring verse that shows us how honest he is as a person. Keeping true to his morals, SM Tone introduces how much of a family person he is, and it's something that might spark a flair of inspiration for other people. Performing a duet-like performance with Teflon Quan, "Letter to God" felt like a plea for help. SM Tone truly opens up to us with this one, but it doesn't come off as being something sappy but as something vibrant and full of fun energy.

The following record "Rising" tells us about how SM Tone hustled to help achieve his goals. It comes off in an incredibly humble way too, "Rising" introduces new synth bells that help chime a little high into the SM Tone'sTone's life. "Fake Love" opens up with an emotional guitar riff where SM Tone delivers an elegant verse on-top to where transitions flawlessly into a chorus where the minimalistic drums then come in. This tells us about how SM Tone doesn't have time for any fake people and anyone who pretends to like him as that slows him down from reaching his goal, it is something that is incredibly motivating to listen to. To close off the album, "Wanted More" introduces the performers KFP Ken and Kev Swavé to deliver the perfect closure tune to the whole album. SM Tone just wanted more in life and how he had to work as hard as he could to get there consistently. Overall, this album is something that is both deeply personal and inspiring to listening to. It'sIt's about SM Tone'sTone's story, where he came from, what he had to do, and where he ended up. This overall story is sure to give a hint of inspiration to someone to help achieve their dreams. You can find 'Anything Is Possible 2' here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic SM Tone! Your album 'Anything Is Possible 2' is full of inspiration, what inspired you to put together an album that was about your story? Was this something you wanted to do for a while? Growing up in poverty forces you to make the best out of any situation, Anything Is Possible is me telling the rest of the world that you can accomplish anything you put your mind to Some of the songs have additional performers on them, how did you choose who would be performing on each song? What was it like to work with each person? The features on my project consist of artists that are signed to my label Soufside Mafia. Every feature was a different vibe & had different messages to get across.

Both your vocals and the backing beat in each song feels incredibly organic, how did the instrumentals come to life? What was your process like for creating each beat? Did they come before or after the vocals? The beats came from different producers I like to work with most from YouTube. I love Real instruments in music which is why the tape has elements of r&b and hip-hop combined. Now having put this out, what types of future goals do you have for yourself as an artist but also your company? What kind of plans do you have in place to help achieve those goals? After dropping this project, the next step is to shoot videos to every song and performances as well as selling custom merchandise. We have vlogs we’re working on at the moment to showcase the different artists and music on the label. What else are you planning for 2020?

What’s next in 2020 is consist videos, 4 more projects to be dropped before summers out, and hopefully, build new relationships and connections on the way.