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Behind the Scenes With Athena Renee and What Its Like Being on Tour With Oprah

Welcome, Athena Renee! Thank you for your time today.  I would love to dive right in and learn more about you as a person. Can you give us a brief walk-thru of your life musically? How you started and where you are now?

Thank you for having me. I'm honored. I come from a small town in Southeast Georgia called Douglas. There are only 3 activities you can do in a town that small without getting into trouble... Join an academic team at school (Math & Debate team and French club), athletics, or sing in the choir. Singing in the local church choir led me to lead songs for the Georgia mass choir. After I graduated (in Finance with emphasis Quantitative Analysis) from college, I started to write songs for major and indie artists. It was just something that came naturally to me and it was therapeutic to my soul.

How did you know that music is what you wanted to pursue full time?

Well. While being a writer, my day job was in Finance and Accounting. There were only 2 years of my life that I was a full-time artist. I always felt the need to always come back to my business side. I'd feel so guilty that I wasn't spending ALL of my time in music like some others. But now I've embraced the fact that I can love both and I can teach other artists that they can too. Artists have been taught that we are the oil to business's water, but that's not true. Two of my favorite universal languages math and music. Why shouldn't I apply them both? Long tangent, I know. Ha!

We know you are on tour with OPRAH! Super exciting. What has that experience been like?

Awesomely awesome! Oprah is doing great work touring and encouraging others to move on their 2020 Vision. I'm grateful to be a part of this positive movement. I've discovered so much about myself all while doing what I love with one of the best to do it. I'm so grateful. Through this event, I've learned about my strengths and my weaknesses which is what my upcoming EP "DISCOVERIES" is about... self-discovery.

We must know - how did you end up on tour with Oprah?

Raise Singers in Los Angeles, DayBreaker, Oprah Winfrey Productions, and Chris Wade productions.

Your voice is so special. What do you hope listeners take away after hearing your music?

That we all are human (some of us aren't) and we should always reflect and focus on getting better as we age. Like wine.

Between creating in the studio or performing live on stage, which is most enjoyable to you and why?

I love both, but I crave performing on stage. I don't know why but I don't care what anyone says when I got the mic. It's just me and God up there at that time, you know, having a conversation. I connect more to people when I do that.

The thing I most love about the studio is I get to challenge myself creatively. I get to become different characters through my music. I can truly channel energy when writing.

When you really need a boost creatively, what fuels you and is there something you seek out to do that will help spark that creativity?

Me. I love to write by myself but when I co-write I can bounce off of others. Play games to creatively expand our vision for the songs. Oh and sleep helps too. Ha!

Where can fans connect with you online and get their hands on the new music?

My personal artist account ( and/or my Keynote Concerts ( You find my music there or every music and video outlet out there.

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