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Behind the Scenes With Yung Dub D and the Release of His New Single "Take My Advice"

Hey, Yung Dub D! Congrats on releasing "Take My Advice". How do you feel this track release differs from other releases the industry has recently seen from you?

The track "Take my Advice" differs from other tracks as I am saying we learn from our mistakes and I have been recording for a while so the steps and path I am taking is a great path to take advice for guidance in the right direction.

You're on a serious roll with releasing music, Yung Dub D! "Take My Advice" is only one of many releases and/or mixes we've seen from you in our recent timeline. How do you manage and allocate your time efficiently in order to maintain consistent with releasing music?

I allocate my time to at least be in the studio two to three times a week with at least two hours of studio time.  This is how I manage my time efficiently for my music to stay consistent.

What were you trying to get across to your listeners with "Take My Advice"? Do you typically use your music as a platform in order to get a variety of messages across to your listening base, or does the music following more of a simplified strategy, purely just for entertainment purposes?

The message I was trying to portray to the listeners is whatever wave of music trend or era we are in, I will try my best to catch and provide music that people can relate to and understand the vibe that I was putting out on the track as been recording for a while. In addition, I do use my music as a platform to get my messages across. I send a lot of messages from people around me past or present experiences and my own because I try to make what others can relate to.

Tell us and our readers more about the 'Sail out to Sea' album, and what the goal was all about for the tracks within this record?

The 'Sail out to Sea' album was basically made for a loved one that was out on deployment and the emptiness of a long-distance relationship. This album was also created for others having the same feelings or going through similar events. The goal was to try to make some type of music out of my norm and people were starting to dig it.

What can we expect to see from you next?

Everyone can expect more music and videos coming soon with messages inside just get ready there is more to come from Yung Dub D!


Listen to "Take My Advice" here.


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