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Beirut-Bred Songstress, Misa Just Released Single, "Home," With a Mono-Chromatic Music Video

Home exists inside all of us. It's a place to create memories, an atmosphere we covet, and our setting for development. Misa has captured the essence of those sentiments and emotions in her latest eclectic Music Video for her flippant track titled "Home." With style gathering the distinct textural element between Jazz, Folk, and Alternative, she folds over her reverberated echos with a sultry tonality that mirrors the 90's greatest Alternative intoners.

This year, her creative intuitions drive her to manifest musical fantasias festooned with dark and earthy textures, reflecting the stock visuals she offers as intensifications to the overall experience of her latest single. As "Home" opens over the harmonious melodies of a crisp acoustic guitar and Misa's haunting voice, we immediately feel enamored by the songstress and her presence—both visually and sonically.

She's dressed in a dress that adorns her with a bewitching aesthetic as she sings over the scenic backdrops of a rural forest overlooking an expansive lake. We meander at a mid-tempo here, governed by the fidelity of the riffing acoustic before the hook arrives over the ends of a muted snare, and a booming low-end—that's been provided by a discerning kick-drum. It does wonders for the cohesive flow of the waltz-like sway that's already been provoked, and between the poetic narrative of Misa's black and white visuals, the distinguishing stylistic croon of Misa's infatuating vocals soar to their highest atmospheres.

Hello Misa, welcome to BuzzMusic. What was the initial creative idea behind having the Music Video for "Home" filmed within the backdrops of a rural-looking forest, and amongst a black and white rendering?

“Home, the song, has distinct layers. It ranges from sadness, regret, resolution, and finally hope. We felt a black and white background worked well, insofar as people can project their own feelings onto it. Almost like having a blank canvas to make the video their own. We do not impose a mood upon them. The forest was a subliminal call to not seeing the forest for the trees, and getting lost as a result.”

How does this Video Production relate to the narrative you established for "Home," and what sentiments were you trying to render throughout?

“The one theme we wanted to convey was searching for something, anything that a person can call home. Home does not have to be a physical place, it can exist solely within your heart or mind. Finding the guitar in the forest is that moment of coming home.”

Can you tell us about some of the milestones you've been aiming for in your creative career? How close do you feel to attaining the next one?

“The year 2020, with all of its’ bizarre happenings, was the year I wanted my first album to be completed, and I was able to do it. It was my first large milestone. The next would be to tour the album, and also perform the newer songs being written now. Once the C19 issue has resolved a little, I hope to be on the road.”

If you could collaborate with any visual or musical creator from past and present for your next anticipated musical releases, who would you choose and why?

“I think working with Kate Bush would be an amazing experience. The way she crafts songs and then works the visual element in is exactly what I am trying to do.” 

What has been keeping you inspired in 2020?

“Music. That’s the only thing that has kept me going, and I am so lucky to have it because so many people were left stranded by the virus outbreak. I cannot imagine having to be at home without my songs and music with me.”



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