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Bekka Dowland Wins Over Our Hearts With Country Breakup Anthem “Hole in My Heart”

Hailing from Western Massachusets, Bekka Dowland is a 24-year-old country singer and songwriter who has just released her third single “Hole In My Heart.” Constantly singing along to the radio, she discovered her passion for music at a young age. It wasn’t long before Bekka Dowland picked up a guitar and realized that her passion for music could manifest into her own original songs.

Bekka’s newest single “Hole In My Heart” begins with a good old, honky-tonk instrumentation that is sure to get your cowboy boots stomping. A lighthearted violin and the delicate finger-plucking patterns from an acoustic guitar are effortlessly layered over a subtle percussion line. Paying tribute to soul-stirring, old-school bass melodies made famous by legends such as Johnny Cash, fans immediately know that they can expect nothing less than a raw and authentic country song. Bekka Dowland’s sultry alto vocals emanate a contagious attitude with every dynamic verse, which allows each witty phrase to resonate. Drawing inspiration from her own life experiences, Bekka Dowland writes about a romantic relationship that turned toxic.

Bekka Dowland sets the scene of what it’s like to realize you’re being mistreated in a relationship, and exactly how to stand up for yourself and bounce back. With its memorable arrangements and anthemic songwriting, “Hole In My Heart” has fans eager to hear what else Bekka Dowland will bring us later this year.

Hello Bekka and welcome to BuzzMusic. We are obsessed with the anthemic energy your lyrics bring to “Hole In My Heart,” and couldn’t help ourselves from singing along! Can you tell us about your songwriting process, and the main message you are trying to relay to fans?

I distinctively remember sending over an email to my team (Ni Music Group) late at night explaining my struggles with my first break up. I had felt so lost and alone, I thought he was the only boy I would ever want to be with. Months after the breakup, I began to reflect on the relationship. This guy that my heart had ached for so long wasn’t actually the prince charming I had been ranting and raving about. It had finally clicked in my head that I wasn’t treated the way I deserved, so I started thinking, “Hey I don’t need him.” This is what inspired us to create such a relatable chorus, emphasizing the fact that you don’t need a toxic person in your life, nor the pain of a hole in your heart. The song came to life purely by poking at the things gone wrong within that relationship. The main message I am trying to relay here is you don’t need someone in your life who causes you nothing but pain.

We were entranced by the instrumentations included in “Hole In My Heart.” We felt that including so many classic country instruments gave the song an old-school authenticity. What was your inspiration for the instrumentation and production of “Hole In My Heart?”

Although the song is a story based on a failed relationship, we wanted to make it light-hearted and fun. We call this the “bar song” because as we were creating it, we had the thought of honky-tonks in mind. We wanted to incorporate that heartache sort of twang that can be found in the classic country break-up songs, but also bring some feisty flare to the mix. We included the gang vocals on this track at the last second, which I think gives it more of a bar anthem vibe. While mastering this song, we took some inspiration from Toby Keith’s “I love this bar,” which further lead us to the chaotic scenes found in the “Hole In My Heart” music video.

As your third single, how does “Hole In My Heart” compare to your other releases? Do you feel that your music style is beginning to evolve as you progress through your career as a country artist?

The release of “Hole In My Heart” has been a completely different experience compared to the first two releases. This definitely seems to be the crowd favorite. I feel that this song has an easy way of getting stuck in your head and you can’t help but sing along to the words. I have heard nothing but positive feedback thus far from family members and friends, everyone loves it! Every song that I create I believe has its own unique style based on the kind of story I am trying to tell. I think I will always be evolving, based on life events I have experienced prior to where I am now, and those that are yet to come. As I progress through my career, I think the style of my music will fall somewhere between a mix of old school/modern country depending on the vibe each particular song gives off.

You mentioned that your late father was one of the main reasons you were encouraged to pursue a music career, can you tell us about his influence?

My father and I had a complicated relationship while I was growing up. It wasn’t until I was 18 that we began to have a close relationship. I know he loved me in his own way and I know he wanted nothing more than to see me succeed in life. Engraved into my memory forever is one of the last things I ever heard my father say. He looked over at one of the nurses in the room, smiled, and said “My daughter has such a beautiful voice. She’s going to be a singer someday.” From that day on, I knew one way or another I was going to make it happen.

What's next for you?

I do have more music planned to be released later in the year. During the pandemic, I have had a lot more time to sit and write. I’m hoping to record the new material I have prepared and construct together an album with my team from NI Music Group. Until then, I plan on playing some local shows here in New England as well as some live streams on Instagram and Facebook. I’m very excited to see what opportunities may arise throughout 2021.



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