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Belenn Returns With Their Latest Release, "The Way We Are"

Belenn, made up of composers and gifted collaborators Joshua Martinez and Denise Nunez drift in on jaunty BRONCHO-indebted guitars and absolutely crisped-out mid-toned drums in their latest release, "The Way We Are." At its core, this single is a mutation of what feels like modern alternative rock and electronic music, ornamented with small but potent production flourishes. It proceeds with a hypnotic synth distant in the background that initially feels alien but grows enamoring as it starts to blend into the playful elements highlighted throughout this track.

"The Way We Are" has a particularly whimsical and immersive sound that takes capital of the deep love they share, a reliable theme for a couple who shares the same passion. "And nobody else could ever love as you do," they bemoan throughout the choruses with beautifully blended harmonies and reverbs. Denise's and Joshua's tantalizing voices take over as the center of this song, propelling one of their most affecting songs to date. The tasteful percussion and the vocals fall out entirely in an energetic turnaround near the climax of the song. Now, wailing like a warning siren for the freakout to come by the song's end, a screeching guitar solo wraps up the venture to a direct but slick conclusion. There's no doubt that this magical duo will continue to impress as they plan on releasing a new EP in the future. And with that, as if a heat-wave has just hit us, we're reaching for a thirst-quenching refill on some of the music Belenn has to offer this year.

Listen to "The Way We Are" here.



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