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Ben Jammin Released The Smooth-Sailing Hit, “Feeling Me”

Ben Jammin was raised in Charleston, West Virginia, who initially began making music for all the bad reasons and never the good until the day he found God. With a newfound love, he released his single titled “Feeling Me” and we loved every aspect of this track. Ben Jammin embodies the true element of smooth and sensual R&B alongside a intricate production. This groovy record had a unique vocal articulation by Ben Jammin. He showcases his special and individualistic delivery that can’t be compared to any other artist. However, it flowed fluently with the song, almost intertwining with one another as a whole. The lyricism showcased a sense of romanticism that the youth will digest perfectly. In the season of summer, new flings and old flings emerge! Creating endless vibes of companionship and fun. With a song like “Feeling Me”, we can’t help but admire how Ben Jammin was able to deliver us a record that we can relate too and vibe out with.

Check out "Feeling Me" here!


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