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Ben Tyler Wishes For The Best In "Collide"

Hailing from New Jersey, singer-songwriter and folk/pop recording artist Ben Tyler takes us into personal moments with his refreshing single, "Collide," from his recent 10-track album, :PHOENIX:.

Ben Tyler played in various bands while in Albany, NY, and Boston, MA, before landing in Lehigh Valley, PA. Now back in New Jersey, Tyler has opened for national acts like Simple Plan, Ludacris, Guster, Tyler Hilton, Collective Soul, and others.

Stay tuned as the Jersey-based artist continues fine-tuning his indie folk/pop sound with sincere releases like "Collide," the eighth song from his 10-track album,:PHOENIX:. His pop-based melodies and emotionally-driven lyrics mark him as a true force in the pop space, and this vulnerable song is no exception. It tugs on your heartstrings with relatable lyrics of wanting to build a relationship with someone, but the timing just isn't right.

Elaborating on "Collide," this refreshing song opens with sweet piano melodies that lead into Ben Tyler's breathy and clear vocals. His tender melodies and honest lyrics express all sorts of romantic scenes that spur butterflies in your tummy. But, like all good things, there's a catch. Ben Tyler dives into ignoring the warning signs and knowing that, for now, they're better left apart.

His deeply passionate and emotive vocals rip through the speakers with such an impressive vulnerability that it feels like a personal conversation with the artist. As the pop production begins expanding alongside gentle background vocals, Ben Tyler leads us to the cathartic outro with a note of hope for the future.

Don't miss out; dive headfirst into the passionate and relatable realm that is Ben Tyler's honest new single, "Collide," from his recent album, :PHOENIX:, now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Ben Tyler. Congratulations on releasing your recent album, :PHOENIX:. What experiences inspired you to create the new project?

Hey, thanks! I'm really proud of how it came together. :PHOENIX: this is a very personal story about the ups and downs of my relationship with my wife. As most couples do, we went through a really difficult time for a few years, and the album speaks to that journey.

What led you to make the album's passionate and sincere eighth track, "Collide?" What inspired this emotional and hopeful tune?

At our lowest points, it sometimes felt daunting, struggling to find a reason to keep moving forward together. But when you've been with someone for that many years, and you're so enveloped in the life you've built together, how do you not try to search for that reason? I don't hold a lot of faith in my heart in any religious capacity, but I've always had faith in us - even at our worst.

What do you hope listeners experience when hearing "Collide?" Do you hope they're able to relate to your personal situation?

I think everyone can relate to these emotional situations in some way or another. Everyone has endured heartache when it comes to love and relationships. All I try to do is find a way to visualize it and bring a real personal meaning to it.

How does "Collide" fit into the concept or theme of your album :PHOENIX:?

"Collide" sits towards the end of the album, essentially in the death/resurrection phase. It's that realization that you're at an end but still holding onto that hope that things will somehow get better.

What role does this song play in the album?

If the song before it ("Ashes") signifies death, then "Collide" is acceptance and also the first sign of life. It's really the phoenix itself.

What's next for you?

Right now, I'm focused on sync placements. As a 37-year-old husband and father of two, I don't think it's realistic to chase fame and fortune. I'm continuing to write, but as a musician, I find there's more inspiration in grief than in happiness. So where do I go from here, being happy? I'm still searching for the answer, but I'm excited for more people to hear the album, and I hope they connect with it.


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