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Benjamin Released His EP “I'm Gone”

Benjamin Frank is a recording artist based out of northwest Florida. Despite the streets, working offshore, driving 18 wheelers, and taking care of his six sisters without his abusive father leaving at a early age, he still managed to take every moment to put something down in the studio and brand his logo “Benjigang”

Benjamin released his EP titled “I'm Gone”. It begins with the single “Drip or Drown”, an ambitious record with an addicting trap beat that complements the style of today’s generation perfectly. He gives songs like “City Boy” in which begins with a cathy hook, enticing melodic beat, and smacks you across the face with the beat drop. “I got the juice yea, I got the juice” has you repeating it alongside the artist. “City boy lifestyles, city boy moves”. I could totally see a video this record and was able to create the vision in my head! But not only does Benjamin provide the witty hits, he knows how to create lyrical balance through his album. One of these being displayed in his record titled “With Me”. “With Me” was different from the other songs off this album, as it gave more a true vibe with the lyrics showing themes of love. This gave an entire new dimension to the artistry of Benjamin. The passion and artistry in Benjamin is beautifully explained in the project “IM GONE”

Listen to "I'm Gone" here and get to know more about Benjamin below!

In what ways has your background and upbringing impact your style of writing?

I overthink and decipher a lot, even at a early age my mind wouldn’t stop figuring out situations and solutions to my best logic or acknowledgement. I’m Eritrea,black, and white and me growing up in Pensacola,FL which we call “Pcola” it’s filled with sets which are hoods. I  would say to seeing all the murders and growing up around violence and drugs music is a way to free me from that thrill but at the same time hurt. Many of us are forced to play a hand that was dealt to us, and most don’t understand or comprehend that unity is something we need to see in are black communities as a whole. I lost my best friend “Bobby” Darrel devonte mims January 11th 2016. I remember beat boxing after school going to the boys and girls club and that’s all he wanted to do is rap. I was more of I like being apart of music but now imma get it up anyway. I was getting of half’s and working at Dave’s barbershop, playing basketball, and just depressed at age 14 thinking I didn’t have shit. I always hung around older people and everyone that was around me was rapping or to me at the time doing big things. I was always the underdog and got tired of people trying to place me in a category. One day I was like fuck this shit and started engaging in different crafts. Every craft helped me and inspired me in someway and I used the output in my notes. The way I talk, walk, and adapting it to my overall personality. I love to be poetic and make someone that I can vibe with comfortable around me. That goes for me being a songwriter, I take what I go threw and what I see around me and bring a entertainment to your mind in this minutes that you can see in your head what I see in everyday life while listening to my lyrics. The only reason I took on being a artist because it’s something I love doing after every thing I been threw, it’s only right someone see what I see and be encouraged.

What’s the major theme behind the EP , “IM GONE” ?

What’s the major theme behind the EP , “IM GONE” ? IM GONE was a saying that I had in my mind when I didn’t want to hear anyone else opinion of myself. I know my worth at the end of the day. I am a young king and IM Going On Nothing Else. My ambition is what keeps my poetry strong, my cadence even stronger and the way I be vamping real.

Out of all the records on this album, which is your favorite and why?

My single “City Boy” I talked about freeing my dawg BG, shouting out Bobby, and my favorite bar is when I said, “popped out the pussy in the trap I’m fed up. Where as I was forced to be here on the earth, and to be a black person in a fucked up society that’s based on capitalism. It’s me, my brother, and I have six sisters. All of us have the same mom and dad. Are father left us when we were all young, and we had to live in poverty are entire life. We had to adapt to are environmental surrounding because we moved so much from eviction and etc. it was a big impact over are life’s buts we all seem to make away and we are still fighting until this day to proof to are self we can rise above the fucking hurt and void. We didn’t get taught simple shit like feeling out a check book. We had to find out how we were going to eat and how this power bill is getting paid. I felt like I got popped out into the world in a trap. I was born in debt on the back of my social security card there are numbers and it leads to a bank that I owe money to. That’s why we pay taxes in the first place.

What song do you believe best represents the theme of the album?

What song do you believe best represents the theme of the album? “Foreign Sporting” it is explaining me going overseas and I got Molly which is a controlled substance that boost your serotonin levels. Where your actually feeling more energy from the world then you ever imagined. Your with women that love and admire you and it’s creating a desire that that I strived for because I not even focused on them in general. I’m focus on how I made it out the trap, never was a 5k1 basically a snitch on or off paper. Idolized by many and now seeing the profit coming in and not being a slave to the system or so called entrapment that was so clearly put together.

What’s next for you?

What’s next for you? I have my album dropping on iTunes on June 27th, 2019. I am constantly evolving as a upright man and Hebrew Israelite. I will continue with my conscious and strong spirit to keep making music for my fans and making a huge impact on society from being a artist, family man, and a innovator.


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