Benjamino Brings a Wise Message on His Recent Single, "Paradise Is Here"

Coming in hot from Wollongong, NSW. The Singer/Songwriter and Multi-Instrumentalist Benjamino releases his wise-worded single, "Paradise Is Here." Mixing genres like R&B/Soul, Funk, and Alt-Pop into his sound, Benjamino's refreshing music has garnered incredible attention since his inception in 2019. 

With the release of his sincere single "Paradise Is Here," Benjamino crafted this song around the concept that regular people must be more appreciative of what they have, and that living amongst the elite doesn't have to be the end goal.

With mellow and calming instrumentals, Benjamino has created a sweet single to help anyone reflect on what they're striving for.

Benjamino opens "Paradise Is Here" with a profoundly funky rhythm section and groovy brass instrumentals floating down from above, as soft background keys fill the soundscape. As Benjamino's warm vocals grace our ears, he begins to tell his thoughtful story to overtop of the drifting R&B instrumentals. Towards the hook, the instrumentation's vibe switches into this blend of Alternative-Rock and R&B, giving listeners their daily dose of daydreams.

While singing lyrics of finding peace with where one is, Benjamino does not fail to impress us with such a knowledgeable, wise, and optimistic message. What makes his message even more compelling is his warm tone and vocal delivery, inevitably calming the listener with each breath he takes. 

"Paradise Is Here" features a brilliant concept that we hope more people like us take note of, and we're highly appreciative of independent acts like Benjamino, who create genuine music from themselves for listeners to relate.

Listen to "Paradise Is Here" here.


Hello Benjamino and thank you for being with us at BuzzMusic. We couldn't be more appreciative of the message you've delivered with your single, "Paradise Is Here." Why did you want to write a song surrounding the concept of being happy with what one has?

Thanks so much, I’m glad you like it! The initial idea for the lyric theme was having an appreciation for where one lives. Growing up and living in a regional city comes with the pressure to move to a major city in order to be successful and have a fulfilling life. So when I wrote the chorus I was writing about seeing the beauty in where you already are rather than constantly having a “grass is greener” mentality. As I wrote the verses that theme broadened to other things like your work and family/friends. How did you go about creating your instrumentals on "Paradise Is Here" to blend elements of genres like R&B and Alt-Rock?

The song was initially written for an Indie Rock band (shout out to The Francos) so it was all guitar-driven. However, once I started Benjamino I realized it suited my soul/R&B style so I subbed out most of the guitars for keys and horn parts. I always envisaged an Al Green type drumbeat in the verses too so I think that was the driving force in the soul direction. Would you say that this is your staple sound?

Definitely! This track is rather indicative of the sound I have always been going for with Benjamino. It’s the perfect balance of Indie music and soul/funk elements. Seeing as "Paradise Is Here" is the second single off your upcoming EP 'Open Up The Vault,' does the single provide any hints as to what we should anticipate from the forthcoming project?

Yes, I believe it does. All five tracks on my debut EP are rather varied, but this song would have to be the perfect middle ground amongst the others. If you like tight grooves, smooth vocals, and catchy horn lines like on this song then you’ll be happy with the EP haha. We've noticed that you're still somewhat fresh to the music industry since you began dropping tunes in 2019. Why do you think your music has been so well-received by many listeners in such a short period of time?

Well if there are people out there who like what I offer, I would like to think it’s because they hear a defined sound and style from me that they can’t get anywhere else. I consider this gig to be a marathon and not a sprint, so I’m more excited about developing Benjamino’s sound and fingers crossed I can also develop an audience with that. What can fans anticipate with your upcoming EP 'Open Up The Vault?'

They can expect a few twists and turns, to think a little bit, and even have a boogie sometimes.