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Benzo Berea Floats To The Sky On Her Gripping New Release, “Benzos”

The road to personal peace is long and hard.

Mixing her dynamic vocal talent with conscious and personal lyrics, singer and songwriter Benzo Berea has been a welcome breath of fresh air in the music scene.

Unafraid to wear her heart on her sleeve, her transparent lyrical approach has not only endeared her to her listeners; they’ve endeared her to us as well. We’ll be paying close attention as Berea continues to shoot for the stars and spread her message of hope, and with each passing release, Berea seems to gather more and more momentum.

When you listen to Benzo Berea’s music, it’s quickly obvious that her craft is more than just a hobby to her. No, her musical endeavors are more than just entertainment; they’re Bereas’s heartfelt attempt to save lives by openly sharing her trauma and healing journey.

Through the vulnerability embedded in her music, Berea’s voice becomes not just an instrument but a lifeline. Berea reaches out to you on every release to remind you of the profound importance of self-worth and resilience.

Following on the heels of standout releases like “In For it All” and “Grip,” Berea’s latest release, “Benzos,” sees Berea maintain the impressive standard she’s set for herself. As “Benzos” begins, a hypnotizing guitar strums as Berea immerses you in her captivating soundscape. “High, I, I’m falling from the sky,” Berea sings, alluding to the highs and lows of addiction. Although Berea is “desensitized to pain different than the human race,” there’s an underlying strength in Berea’s vocals that unmasks the truth. She might bend, but she will never break.

Benzo Berea’s latest release, “Benzos,” is an immersive and captivating song that takes a frank look at the highs and lows of addiction. Whenever you’re ready, tap in and stream Benzo Berea’s latest release, “Benzos,” on all majour streaming platforms.

We loved your latest release, "Benzos," and wanted to ask! What was the creative process like for this release? Could you take us through it?

Certainly! The creative process for this release was profoundly personal and transformative. It all began during a pivotal phase of my life where I felt an urgent need for change in how I perceived myself and how the world perceived me. Reflecting on my difficult childhood and adulthood, filled with trauma, I realized that I needed to confront these experiences through my art.

As I delved into the creative process, I found myself navigating a labyrinth of rebranding, both musically and personally. This journey led me through the whirlwind of a mental health crisis, prompting me to explore medications and their impact on my well-being courageously. It was a journey marked by ups and downs, trials, turbulence, profound self-discovery, and resilience. The track "BENZOS" culminates this journey—a sonic narrative that captures the highs and lows of substance-induced euphoria, mirroring the emotional rollercoaster of my own experiences.

From facing mental health challenges to confronting the complexities of medication, I've bared my soul through my music. Each lyric, each melody, and each haunting undertone reflects my journey—of walking on clouds only to crash back to reality. Through this release, I invite listeners to join me on this odyssey, to experience the raw emotion and vulnerability that lie at the heart of "BENZOS," and to embark on a journey of self-discovery and transformation alongside me.

As someone so transparent with her music, how important are your personal experiences regarding your releases?

Personal experiences are the foundation of my music—it's where my authenticity lies. My journey, marked by trials and resilience, shapes every release. I've always believed that my experiences, raw and unfiltered, make me the artist I am today. Each release is meticulously crafted, reflecting my current struggles and triumphs. Pen and paper have been my companions, allowing me to pour my soul into my lyrics.

My music isn't just about self-expression; it's about connecting with others. I hope that amidst the pain and resilience in my words, someone, even one person, finds solace and motivation to heal and grow. Imperfect as I am, I strive daily for self-improvement, refusing to let past trauma define me. In an industry where many gamble with nothing to lose, I stand as a mother of four, navigating the complexities of life.

I understand the weight of my responsibilities, knowing that my children need to see me living my passion authentically. They need to witness me embodying the belief that they can be whoever they aspire to be. It's not just about my journey; it's about inspiring theirs.

What does music mean to you?

Music is everything—it's the essence of my existence. It's not an exaggeration to say that music has saved my life. Its highs are uplifting, while the lows can be utterly deteriorating. There were moments when I despised music so intensely that I wanted to sever ties with it. Yet, like a relentless lover, music held onto me, weaving itself into the very fabric of my being.

My connection to music runs deep in my bloodline, tracing back to my grandfather from the funkadelic and other family members who were musicians. Despite this legacy, my family dynamic with music was sparse, with only my parents sharing a general love for it. However, from a young age—around six—I found solace in writing music and sharing my voice with the world. Music has always been my refuge—a place where I am unconditionally accepted, regardless of my background or personality.

It's where I forge relationships with melodies, instruments, lyrics, and emotions. Music isn't just a part of my life; it's the foundation upon which I build my existence. It's a getaway, a gateway, and a sanctuary—a constant companion through life's tumultuous journey.

If your audience could take one thing away from your music, what would you want it to be?

I emphasize the message of confidence, resilience, acceptance, and to keep pushing through.

What's next for Benzo Berea? Can we expect to hear more new music soon, and is there anything you'd like to say to your fans?

As I look forward to the next chapter in my musical journey, I'm excited to share that I'm closely collaborating with XCLSV Records and an incredible team of artists who have been by my side through thick and thin. Reflecting on my recent releases, I see them as part of my testimony—a testament to my growth, resilience, and inner transformation.

After writing "Benzos," I encountered a profound sense of faith and positivity, illuminating the path ahead like never before. I'm eager to unveil to you—my audience, fans, friends, and family—the incredible journey beyond obstacles and hurdles. It's a journey marked by triumph, victory, and the unwavering strength gained along the way. While my past music has been characterized by its fun, bouncy vibes, it's time for me to delve deeper and showcase the profound impact of faith and self-discovery.

I want to share the transformative power of God's grace, my resilience, and the incredible struggles I've faced and conquered. I want to express my deepest gratitude to my fans for your unwavering support. You've been with me through every high and low, and I can't wait to embark on this new chapter with you by my side. Let's celebrate the journey, victories, and boundless possibilities together. Thank you for believing in me.


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