BeOmega Presents The Journey To Universal Consciousness In A New Album

Hailing from the crop circles of the United Kingdom is the powerhouse and versatile rock band BeOmega with their latest 11-track album entitled 'Kalki- Return of the Birdman.'

The band was created by PT, known for skilled scientific concepts surrounding sound and light, the two main aspects that make up our reality. Instead of playing in jam-packed venues around London, BeOmega plays shows in nature among the UK's crop circles to get direct responses from nature, animals, cloud formations, and more. This wildly creative band just crashed the scene with a dynamic and liberating new album, 'Kalki - Return of the Birdman.' Now that we're ready let's get to the goods.

The album opens with the introductory and title track, "Return of the Birdman," which begins the listening experience with a piercing and heavy rhythm guitar alongside tight drums that up the anticipation. As the groove starts pouring through our speakers, BeOmega begins displaying this nostalgic blend of 70s rock and surf rock, upping the energy with each skilled riff and high-energy transition. The lead vocalist grabs our attention with a sharp concept surrounding this spiritual Avatar hero ready to save Earth's roaming and lost souls.

Slowing it down with track number two, "Fly by," this song opens with a dreary electric guitar melody that quickly gets bulldozed by an exhilarating lead guitar riff and heavy upbeat drum breaks. This track offers this tightly-wound instrumental feel where all the dense and crisp sounds merge in this brilliant, high-energy escapade. We appreciate how BeOmega brings such relatable concepts within just two songs so far. This time, the band sings of being stuck in the matrix and slaving to the system until we're six feet under.

Keeping that nostalgic surf-rock groove alive is track number three, "Venus," opening with solid and heavy electric guitars alongside psychedelic effects, a slapping bassline, and exciting drum breaks. Expanding on the overall atmosphere of this song, we truly feel transported into this surreal and psychedelic space thanks to the lead vocalist's lyrics surrounding the awakening and unleashing of life's spiritual elixir. We love the chant-along hook BeOmega offers in this track, letting us join in and crack open our elixir of life.

The fourth track, "21st Century," gets even more personal. It opens with a deep and distorted rhythm guitar riff alongside steady mid-tempo drum breaks and the lead vocalist's hazy and warm vocals. Taking a deeper listening to the song's lyricism, BeOmega delivers a concept that many of us could learn from; singing of the many unhappy women who overly obsess over their bodies and appearance thanks to the media. But, in this 21st century, it's no wonder why women deal with more stress, anxiety, and depression than ever before.

The "Waves Of Charge" creep in on track number five, kicking off with another heavy and distorted rhythm guitar riff alongside the lead vocalist's filtered and raspy vocals. The song's lead guitar offers this spotlight solo that slows things down a bit, but it's not long until the lead vocalist begins exclaiming the song's heavy concept. It's no wonder why BeOmeage prefers performing in nature, as this track dissects how individuals are not in touch with mother nature, nor do they understand how beneficial it can be for the mind, body, and soul.

Traveling into a true journey for the soul is the album's halfway track, "Children of the Night." This eight-minute piece takes off with a crashing effect that moves into the chirps and winds of mother nature. As the hazy and reverbed electric guitar begins soaking the foreground in reflection and wonder, the steady groove picks up while the lead vocalist continues encouraging life's lost souls to walk towards the light and find their way home. This track's instrumentals are incredibly dynamic and thorough, perfectly setting up many sonic scenes that make the listening experience that much more cathartic.

Just when we thought BeOmega couldn't get any more dynamic, the next song, "Kalki Avatar is Here," hits us over the head with brilliant and blazing electric guitar riffs, high-energy drum crashes, a stimulating bass lick, and psychedelic effects that roam the background. This exhilarating instrumental take us into a fiery and dense atmosphere where a robotic avatar-like narrator softly makes it known that it's the world's savior and is currently walking among us as we speak. We can't keep our heads from banging and toes from tapping when experiencing such a riveting instrumental like this.

Well, the world-saving avatar is here, but beware of "The Sword" in track number eight. This heavy-hitting banger kicks off with a distorted lead guitar that screeches and screams with energy alongside tight drum breaks and rollicking bass licks to up the intensity. This deftly-created 7-minute track offers another narrator-like approach where the voice echoes and flows through our speakers in this intimidating and harsh manner. The voice lets everyone know that while the avatar is here to do good, it's ready to chop off the heads of evil wrongdoers.

We never get tired of BeOmega's crunchy and exhilarating guitar riffs, and the ninth track, "PT Charge," is no exception. We also give heavy props to BeOmega for displaying such an authentic and conceptual album thus far, helping us better understand higher consciousness and how nature can benefit our spiritual journey. This dense track takes a look at the many powers of higher consciousness while amplifying their charge with blazing rock instrumentals. BeOmega lifts us all the way to the outro of this 6-minute tune with vast energy, might, and inner power.

But how do we achieve that state of higher consciousness? BeOmega has the answer in track number ten, "ArdraRudra Cleansing." Another crunchy and distorted instrumental sweeps us into a hellish soundscape where BeOmeage crashes the scene with that energy they've delivered throughout the entire record. The song offers this overwhelming sensation, and for a great reason. The band wanted to clarify that for the Earth to reach higher consciousness; it must undergo unpleasant purification where upheavals, catastrophes, and natural disasters are expected.

Is it over? Is it safe? Find out on the final and lush outro track, "Magic Lake." This song takes on a much different vibe and atmosphere than the tracks prior, opening with a vibrant and feel-good soft-rock instrumental that takes us into the wonders of Magic Lake. The upbeat and uplifting drums alongside the array of guitars offer this truly refreshing and rejuvenating experience, perfectly adding to the album's theme by closing it off with a sense of hope for our weird world. This song closes on a dreamy and incredibly peaceful note, hopefully foreshadowing what's to come for us down the line.

Experience the spiritual and otherwordly adventure of BeOmega's latest 11-track album, 'Kalki - Return of the Birdman,' now available on all streaming platforms.