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Berani Keeps The Good Times Rolling On His New Release, “Two Shots”

Getting up, going out, and enjoying yourself feels so liberating. Whiskey, anyone?

Diving into the thrilling musical world of Berani is a little like skydiving: electrifying, energizing, and exhilarating. A true luminary in the contemporary Australian electronic scene, he’s effortlessly turned heads with his unparalleled blend of G-house and bass-infused electronic beats. Having already turned heads this year with the release of his funky hit “Wherever,” this talented Australian DJ’s back is like he never left. At this point, he’s running on a bit of a hot streak, and at this rate, there’s no limit to how far Berani can go.

With over 12 years of live performance experience, Berani’s musical journey is a testament to raw talent and unwavering determination. Although his current genre is solidly within the realm of electronic dance music (EDM), Berani’s musical influences were initially rooted in a love for hip-hop, which he still enjoys. Motivated by his love of engaging audiences and making them move, people who know Berani would probably tell you that his move to the DJ decks was the obvious next step for this talented artist. After all, a Berani release is more than just a song; it invites an immersive musical adventure.

Coming hot on the heels of “Wherever,” “Two Shots” sees Berani keep the momentum high and the good times rolling. Coming in at just under two minutes, “Two Shots” is a short but sweet offering that’ll leave your finger on the replay button before you even realize it. “And it might just hit me / two shots of whiskey / straight to the dome / I’m getting tipsy,” Berani sings as funky synths massage your brain. The track has a fun, light feeling, perfectly suited to the chill. There is no pressure; let’s have the fun vibe that “Two Shots” implies. One thing has remained constant, whether now or back in the day: Berani’s ability to ignite the dance floor.

Berani’s new release, “Two Shots,” sees him keep the good times rolling and the dance floor solidly on fire. Whenever you’re ready, tap in and stream it on all major streaming platforms.

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