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Beth Crowley Refuses To Fade Into “The Ghost Who Is Still Alive”

A singer and songwriter whose works have amassed over 69 million streams on Spotify alone, Beth Crowley needs no introduction.

With instantly recognizable vocals that balance elegance and grace with underlying power and occasional melancholy, her honest and poignant lyrics have earned her a dedicated fanbase worldwide. Crowley is an expert at capturing emotions in her words, effortlessly bridging the divide between listener and artist.

As an artist, Beth Crowley is as unique as she is talented. An avid reader, Crowley's music reflects her love for reading and her emotions when reading a good book. Although fans of young adult literature will find a lot to love in her music, Crowley’s ability to write songs that “speak to the hearts” of her listeners means that her music is sure to leave a strong, lasting impression on all audiences.

Much of Crowley’s recent and upcoming releases are inspired by her love for reading and specific books she’s enjoyed. Her latest release, the powerful "The Ghost Who Is Still Alive" (inspired by the novel of the same name), is a cinematic pop song that showcases an artist at the top of her musical game.

Over somber, piano-backed instrumentals, lyrics like “Does a life have any meaning / if no one knows your name” are delivered with such melancholy that you almost feel like you are in her place, while lyrics like “I am the face you don’t remember /, but you have seen a thousand times” are delivered with a defiance that sends your emotions in a completely different direction.

With a unique approach to music and the ability to take any listener on an emotional roller coaster, Beth Crowley continues to operate at the top of her game and captivate listeners worldwide. Whenever you’re ready, tap in and stream “The Ghost Who Is Still Alive,” available now on all major streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Beth! We loved “The Ghost Who is Still Alive”; your approach to music is cool and refreshing to see, and listening to “The Ghost Who is Still Alive” felt like you took us on an emotional journey! We have to ask, how did you get the idea to start making music based on good books you’ve read?

The first book-based song I ever wrote was ten years ago now! I lived a pretty normal, drama-free life, which is great but not the best inspiration for songwriting material. My sister had introduced me to The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare, and I thought it would be a fun songwriting challenge to see if I could write a song based on a character’s perspective. The song “Warrior” seemed to resonate with people who love both music and reading, so writing book-based songs became something I regularly did. Music is an important part of movies and television- the right song in the right scene takes it to a new level. It makes sense that the same thing can be true for books.

So taking it way back, how did you first get into music? What was the Beth Crowley origin story?

I have always loved music and have been singing for as long as I can remember. I did all the school talents shows and musical theatre productions and took about ten years of piano lessons. I dabbled in songwriting in high school to get out my angst, but it wasn’t until after college that I really started to dig into songwriting and take it more seriously.

As someone who’s already had a lot of success with her music, how do you stay motivated, and what does being able to continue releasing music and bringing projects like “The Ghost Who is Still Alive” to your fans mean to you?

I don’t feel like it’s too hard to stay motivated because I am doing something I love. I definitely have times when I’m discouraged if one of my songs doesn’t do as well as I hoped, and there are moments when I start to feel burned out. It seems like every time that happens, and I’ll get a nice message or comment or letter in the mail from someone saying how much my music has meant to them. Moments like that keep me going and remind me why I am so lucky to be able to do this. I’m incredibly grateful to have been doing this as long as I have, and there are so many amazing listeners that have been supporting me for a lot of years now.

What do you want fans to feel when they listen to “The Ghost Who is Still Alive”? Is there any message you’d like fans to take away from your music?

With any of my book-based songs, I hope that people will enjoy it whether they have read the book it’s based on. A lot of times, people will relate my songs to different books or even characters from a book or story they are writing.“The Ghost Who Is Still Alive” is a sad, haunting song, so I want listeners to feel that not only through the lyrics but the piano and overall production. As far as my music in general, I hope that someone can find something in one of my songs where they can say, “This is exactly how I feel and haven’t been able to express in words,” because that is what music has always done for me.

What’s next for Beth Crowley? Can we expect more new music soon?

So much! “The Ghost Who Is Still Alive” is the first song from my upcoming all-book-based album 'Unabridged.' It’s some of my favorite music I have ever written, and it’s going to be so much fun to see how people react to the books I have chosen to include. I also have some fantastic videos coming, so this is just the beginning!

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06 de fev. de 2023

She's so freaking amazing with all the music she creates. It blows my mind that she isn't more known at this point

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