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Beto Presents His Impending Single, "ON FIRE"

The Los Angeles-based Columbian producer, singer-songwriter, and mix engineer Beto is set to release the second single, "ON FIRE," off his forthcoming album.

Beto is more than ready to bring listeners into a sonic escapade of relatable dreams and fantasies through his long-awaited single, ON FIRE," especially during these unnerving times. When speaking upon the single, "ON FIRE," Beto mentioned that the release stemmed from a dream of meeting a woman drenched in flames who mesmerized him to his core.

"Perhaps it was also the fact that we were so locked away from the world during the pandemic that the emotion and feeling of just meeting someone became even more of a fantasy," states Beto.

Keep an eye on Beto as he delves into our instinctual and natural desires of companionship through his single, "ON FIRE," and prepare your ears for his forthcoming album later this year. Beto Vargas is scheduled to release an interview with BuzzMusic discussing the new single on May 21.




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