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Beto Vargas Creates A Magical Sonic Symphony On “I Won’t Stop”

Beto Vargas is a generational talent, a multi-faceted lightning rod equipped with an arsenal of musical armament. Some of his more-modest skills include producing, songwriting and sound engineering. It's no secret that we at BuzzMusic believe in presenting flowers where they are due, handing out silver roses on rear occasions & giving a voice to the brilliant but voiceless; for us, it's become a public duty, a civic service of sorts.

So it comes with great pleasure to announce that in Grammy Nominated Beto Vargas, we've discovered a real diamond in the rough, a true artist who has shared studio sessions with the likes of Megastars, John Legend & Barbra Streisand. So let's keep it "a buck," shall we? Mr.Vargas is a colorful and compelling figure, an international artisté who hails from native Colombia in search of glory, conquest and groundbreaking world recognition.

"I LIVE FOR THOSE MOMENTS WHEN MUSIC GIVES ME THE CHILLS. IT IS A UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE THAT CAN CHANGE THE WORLD & INSPIRE US TO BE GREAT." - Beto Vargas "I Won't Stop" as a single is heartwarming and spirit-stirring; it commands a steep level of sonic intimacy while remaining revolutionary in revelation. Crooning alongside Vargas is the female counterpart and silver screen-esc heroin, Camie Liano. Camia's Lyrical authority and silk vocals are both hauntingly flavourful and devilishly unforgettable; the duo's respective sonic tapestries mend incredibly well together. In the pop single "I Won't Stop," both artists' lyrical wit is on display as they endeavour to give us perspective on a modern-day dreamer's internal trials. Lyrics like, "Underneath my own emotions, a fire's drowning in an ocean, and it's burning all out; it's burning all out/it's choking me out it's got me down on my knees" remind us of the abnormal degrees of fortitude and courage needed to combat darkness on our journies.

Lyrics like, "I was taught to stand up tall, but I'm afraid to fall, I gotta feeling in my bones; I gotta break myself free, but I can hear a song about to change, a hundred million hearts about to break, our voice is getting louder every day; it's gonna say," reminds us that perseverance only falls into the laps of those who fight defiantly against the notion of the great abyss. To us, the single "I Won't Stop" perfectly encapsulates our family ideals and company ethos; the ever-seductive word used to describe anything that gets our engines humming around here is buzzin', and this beautiful collaborative pop effort is sure to garner all the talk a musically brilliant artisté such as Beto Vargas, can handle.

As always, folks, feast your eyes and wrap yourselves in the emotion of this emerging superstar's new single, "I Won't Stop," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Beto Bargas, and congratulations on your latest release, "I Won't Stop." What were you going through that made you want to write "I Won't Stop?" Who were you targeting with this message?

When Camie and I wrote “I Won’t Stop,” I was going through a time in my career when I felt burnt out and tired of all my efforts to achieve my dream were just going nowhere. Furthermore, I felt that the longer you are on this journey, the easier it is to lose track of who you are and your authentic voice. We try different styles, take risks, and change our sound to the point that we are unsure if that is genuinely ourselves anymore. And talking with different artists I work with, I realized that this is something every artist experiences sooner or later if you are in it long enough. So we realized that we wanted to make a song that spoke to artists and that, in a way, was a call to action. Remember that music will test us, mould us, and sometimes even change us so that we may become the best version of ourselves before the world is ready for us. A reminder that “I Won’t Stop!”

Please let us know the details of the songwriting effort between you and Camia. How did this come about?

This is a song where the words just poured out of us. Some songs are easier to write than others, but Camie and I were so connected with this idea that we wrote it one afternoon at my studio in a very natural and effortless way. Camie and I have also been working on her music for a few years, so we feel very comfortable with each other. But we had never written something so close to both of us, which brought a beautiful energy into the room and a level of honesty that made it so much more genuine and honest.

Where does the single "I Won't Stop" rank on Beto's personal favourite songs list?

This song is pretty up there in my favourite song list. I guess it’s because it’s one of the songs I felt more connected with when I wrote it. But also because the way it came out is precisely the sound I was looking for at this time. And lastly, because it is the first time I have someone featured on one of my songs, I’m happy it got to be with such a close friend and talented artist as Camie.

Can we, as fans, expect more collaborative efforts from the maestro or was this feature more circumstantial?

I have been getting this question more and more since this single came out. The audience's reaction has been incredible, and there will be more collaborations in the future, both with Camie and other artists. Working with other artists on your music is very fun, and I believe it opens up creativity and the opportunity to have different sounds and audiences. Being a producer has shown me this. I have the pleasure and privilege to work daily with amazingly talented individuals from whom I learn and get inspired daily. So we are already cooking up some ideas that I think you will all enjoy.

Before you go, we must ask, what's next for Beto in this 2023 year?

2023 is packed with new music. My next single, “I’m Taking Over,” is set to release May 4th, alongside a music video, followed by the rest of the album later this year. We are also planning more shows to promote the album and hopefully a tour next year. So follow me on my socials and your digital platform of choice so you won’t miss any of it.


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