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Beto Vargas Says “I’m Taking Over”

From Colombia's colourful, rhythm-infused streets to the vibrant core of Los Angeles' music scene, Beto Vargas has proven himself to be a maestro of multiple dimensions. His Colombian roots have painted his passion for music, which began at an early age, and propelled him onto an international stage where he now shines as a multifaceted talent.

Beto's career has been a beautifully orchestrated symphony of success as a musician, producer, songwriter, and sound engineer. His transcontinental journey, starting in Colombia and taking root in the United States, has been marked by triumphs. His alma mater, Berklee College of Music, honed his talent, and his trek to LA was the prelude to his industry breakthrough. Having collaborated with icons like John Legend and Jane's Addiction and receiving a Latin Grammy nomination, Beto’s star is undoubtedly rising.

His newest creation, "I'm Taking Over," is an auditory anthem, blending classic rock and country music elements into a harmonious fusion. Beto’s intriguing and distinctive voice melds seamlessly with the raw instruments that propel the song forward. The lyrics speak to a universal theme - stepping up and taking control when circumstances call for it. The guitar leads the charge in this musical narrative, culminating in a fiery solo that sets the song ablaze.

Beto’s mastery lies in his ability to freeze unique moments in time, crafting them into aural masterpieces for the world to relish. This was seen in his debut album, Hellas, and will be showcased in his upcoming English album. Beto’s knack for production is evident in each track, crafting a modern, authentic sound that is unmistakably his.

Beyond his personal artistry, Beto is a champion of collaboration and a beacon for emerging talents. His contributions to The Record House and BV Music Productions have amplified the voices of a new generation of musicians. He’s driving a musical revolution in Los Angeles, blending Latin beats with rock n' roll, pop, and a contemporary American sound.

With a deep commitment to mentoring new talent and sharing his love for music, Beto’s influence reaches far beyond the recording studio. Beto's journey with The Recording Academy, the Association of Music Producers, and Berklee College of Music are some shining examples of his dedication to helping build the music industry's future.

"I'm Taking Over" echoes Beto's conviction that music is a transformative force. It’s an anthem for empowerment, a call to action to seize control and make a difference. Each note, each guitar strum, is a reminder of the power of music to inspire change.

Press play on this one today available on all platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Beto Vargas! Congrats on taking over with your latest single, "I'm Taking Over," a vibrant fusion of rock and country vibes, which is quite the unique combination. What inspired you to blend these two genres together for this particular song?

Thank you for having me back! I’ve always been very inspired by these two genres. Funny enough, the countryside of things was never my intention. But ever since I started writing this new album, I have listened to several influences with some country elements. So naturally, my music started leaning a bit toward that as well. And once I realized this blend was happening, I began exploring the two genres, sounds, and tendencies and having fun with them. I listened to many James Bay at the time, which blends these two genres beautifully. This song is inspired a lot by his first and second albums, as well as artists like Rag n Bone, One Republic and Train, who also have these blends.

You've got a fiery guitar solo toward the end of "I'm Taking Over." Can you share the creative process behind this decision and how you feel it contributes to the song's overall message?

I have been a guitar player my whole life, and my music has always been very guitar-driven. I also feel that guitar solos were lost in the Pop scene for a while, but we are strongly bringing them back. But the truth is, the song asked for it. I tried to listen to what the song and production needed, and this song was yearning for a guitar solo. How could I say no?!

The lyrics of "I'm Taking Over" revolve around grabbing the bull by the horns. Could you elaborate on personal experiences or moments that inspired these powerful lyrics?

Many of us have been in that relationship where you know it is not “good for you.” Where you know the other person is playing coy, teasing you, messing with your emotions, but you still can’t help it; because, in a way, you like it. This song talks about wanting to flip the situation around and grab the bull by its horns. About that point in the game where you realize you are being played with, and you’ve just had enough. I recall one specific relationship where I felt this woman was the mastermind behind knowing how much and little to give to keep me on the verge of madness and desire. She knew where all the buttons were and in what sequence they would cause the most despair and craving. So when I wrote this song, I thought about that moment, and the words just poured out. Not in a vengeful way, because a long time had passed so I could see things with a different perspective, but in an almost admirable way and how I could get even! I’m sure many of you will relate.

Your voice has an intriguing quality in "I'm Taking Over," enhancing the raw beat of the song. How did you approach the vocal element to ensure it complemented the overall sound and mood of the song?

From the writing stage of this song, I knew it had to have a punch-in-the-face groove and production. It is a statement. So vocally, it had to sell this. We pushed my vocal range's limits and ensured the chorus had all the energy possible. The chorus starts with the words, “I got both feet on the floor. It’s about time you let me take control”. As to say, “I’m putting my foot down.” So, when we recorded vocals and filled my lungs with confidence and sang my heart out. Funny enough, the chorus continues to say, “I Hope it’s alright with you,” which is funny because it is simultaneously asking for permission.

As we look towards the future, can you hint at how "I'm Taking Over" might influence or align with the direction you envision for your upcoming projects?

It’s hard to say, as I always expand on my sound and try new inspirations. But I will say that this song has inspired a bolder Beto, a more confident Beto. I’m trying to expand on the writing and the stories I discuss. Lyrically I love the way we were playful with words and associations. Also, performing this song is incredibly fun as I can rock out much harder than with other songs, and I want more of that! So you can expect what comes next to be something to enjoy in life!


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