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Betta Salvan Keeps Us Close To Her Feelings On Latest Single, “Stalker”

Betta Salvan has our hips moving while she tells us about her lover and her feelings toward him in her recent hit single "Stalker."

Elisabetta, known as Betta, is a singer, songwriter, and scriptwriter who grew up in Italy, where she developed her passion for music in both singing and choir, where she'd learn all the basics and techniques. When Betta was 15, she moved to the United Kingdom, where she continued pursuing her passion for music and languages. Shortly after high school, she went to the University of Leeds, where she graduated and did well. Betta uses her music hoping to transmit feelings and languages for her listeners to relate to.

Helping us get our dance on, Betta takes us on her afrobeat journey as she describes her thoughts and experiences in her new profound song, "Stalker."

"Stalker" brings us in with fire instrumental with different instruments before the prominent afro beats enter. She tells us about her feelings when she sees her lover and her thoughts on what she'll do to keep him close to her. Betta tells us in many words how she felt in lyrics like "When I first saw you, I knew the one can make you happy is me" and "When I first saw you, I asked you to come over to me". We can see this is someone Betta wants to have around forever, and she plans on keeping it that way.

Continuing on Betta's journey in "Stalker," she tells how she will go wherever he does and protect those she loves as she sings, "Don't call me stalker, call me lover." Betta's endless vibes and accent tie us to where we want to be, while Betta gives us the time of our lives in "Stalker." Betta closes "Stalker" with a catchy chorus, adding extra fiery backing vocals and giving it her all to keep the energy high throughout.

Catch a vibe with Betta and her fiery new single, "Stalker," available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Betta. We truly appreciate your single, "Stalker." What inspired you to write this? There was a time when my Facebook feed and also Instagram were full of memes about a series called "You", which is on Netflix. I got curious, and I watched it. It was really crazy, and I felt like writing a song about it because I wanted to experiment with something new. I never usually sing stuff like that. I have always been singing love songs or sad songs (like my first single, Loneliness) but singing about stalking, obsession, and killing, was a real challenge that I made to myself, and I am glad that I did it. I found it very creative. What does "Stalker" mean to you? What's the message you'd like people to take away from it? For as a person, maybe not much, but the song is a new milestone that I achieved in my music career. This is the first song where I experimented with other genres and other topics, and now I simply can't imagine myself singing love songs again. I never actually released my old songs because I felt like something was missing, something catchy that Stalker definitely has. The message that I want to transmit with the lyrics is to be careful, especially when you're young. be careful with your feelings; what can be love can turn out to be an obsession, and that's bad. The message that I want to transmit with my experience, though, is that you should never hesitate or be scared to try something new because it can be the best decision you can ever make. Tell us a bit about your journey. What would you tell someone who's just starting to create music? I just started as well, and the only advice that I can give is to don't be afraid. Don't be afraid of judgment, and don't be afraid of trying something outside of your comfort zone. Music is art, and art is a way to express our feelings. We are not always feeling the same way, so why should our music always be the same? What's your favorite lyrics line in "Stalker," and why? "I'm a lady, but I hunt my prey" I love this line because the main character of the series is a man, and I wanted personification in the song. I also wanted to break the stereotypes. Usually, it is the man that goes hunting and the man that goes to the woman, but I am a woman, and I am empowered. The lyrics made me feel that way as well. What's next for you, Betta?

Next for me is to continue writing songs as much as possible. Exploring my potential. In fact, I tried to sing rock, pop, afrobeat, and even reggae. If you stay tuned, you might find out my musical potential because I am not planning to stick to one genre. I wanna sing all types of songs.

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