“Better With You” Has Us Unraveling the Hurt of Wesley Black and Daunt

Unveiling his first single since the release of his debut album 'Angel' earlier this year, Perth-based alternative hip-hop artist Wesley Black is adding a blazing indie-rock twist to his already scorching sound with his newest single "Better With You."

Through a mesmerizing approach that dips into melancholic moments of wavy grooves, Wesley Black disburses a burst of grippingly raw tenors in "Better With You." Immersing us in a sequence of nostalgic hues that rush into our speakers with a buoyant notion, we visit several emotions as we take this masterpiece to its fullest potential.

His intoxicating timbres clasp onto our soul in a way that pulls us into the intimate soundscape at hand. Providing a sizzling atmosphere that has us spiraling into the full beauty of "Better With You," his talents effortlessly mesh with featured contributor Daunt as this record produces fierce vulnerability.

In the effervescence that is hip-hop fused with irreplaceable pop liveliness, the tantalizing tones allow you to experience the rush of a lifetime, all while embracing the laid-back conveyance. Delving into a riddled narrative with heartache and pain, the dynamism that this pair share has us appreciating each polished moment as we fixate ourselves upon the grander scheme of the situation at hand.

Through a representation of unconditional love where someone doesn't reciprocate the emotions you long for, there are plenty of familiarities that Wesley Black's fan base can latch onto. As we continue to take in this heartrending soundscape, the intentions of Wesley Black illuminate with the assistance of Daunt for unalloyed expressions.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Wesley Black. The emotion shared in "Better With You" takes us into the full scope of your heartfelt tale. How important is it for you to be vulnerable in the music that you create?

For me, I’ve always struggled to allow myself to become vulnerable in music, and really utilized the ‘Wesley Black’ character to help me write music. It wasn’t until recently when I went through some difficult and heavy events, where everything I wrote HAD to be genuine and honest. This song was a huge step for me because that, it feels good, to be honest, and open.

What was it like working with Daunt to bring life to this composition?

Amazing. Daunt has the same mentality as me, where we want to keep creating new sounds and expand our versatility. Our first collab was EGO DEATH! and our second was Better With You, I can’t imagine two more different sounding songs, but I loved working with Daunt on both the same.

How did this collaboration come to be?

I showed Daunt an early demo of the song, but it wasn’t until he produced a new version where I become fully invested in the song. He just surprised me with his instrumental and after that, I never listened to the OG demo, I knew we had a song we could both be proud of.

Speaking from personal experience in "Better With You," does your music tend to take this route of expression when creating?

Not usually, this was a game-changer for me and my mental health in music. This song could have only come from the emotional experiences I went through this year, and it was exciting to see how different my music could take forms, once I experienced a lot in my life.

What does "Better With You," say about you as an artist and individual?

It shows a lot of growth in mentality and maturity I think. It’s a story about what I could only learn from experience; love and selflessness. It’s about learning to love someone in a different way, and not letting heartbreak interfere with that.

What's next for you?

A lot more versatility. I think people are keen to see me expand my emotional side, and trust me I have a lot more of that left. When I return to my heavy ANGEL-rap style though, it’s gonna be a lot bigger and better than before. Next year is exciting, with a lot of versatility lined up.