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Betty Moon Sets The Vibe With New Single "Crazy (What You Make Me)"

Betty Moon is back again, and this time, she's bringing a sense of flare into her style. As a Toronto born singer/songwriter/producer/filmmaker, Betty Moon astonishes her fans with the sensual appeal her voice carries, along with the vivid imagery it is able to create. Betty Moon has always contained a strong sense of vigor when it comes to her music, and her very sound can display this perfectly. Having her music appear in big-name shows such as Dexter, Bounty Hungers and Californication, Betty Moon is only rising up from here with her artistry.

Betty Moon has recently debuted her track "Crazy (What You Make Me)" and it follows suit with her striking persona. With this particular song of Betty's, you can really sense the rock n' roll attitude combined with a huge sense of eccentric soul. Betty Moon's tracklist goes beyond expectations, and so we knew when she was debuting a new single she had high standards from her listening base. Once you listen to the full entirety of "Crazy (What You Make Me)", you'll realize expectations were beyond surpassed. Betty Moon brings a quality sound with her rich vocalism. Her voice is able to easily glide through the air at some points, and pierce it at others. We're always going to receive a thorough expression by Betty Moon, and "Crazy (What You Make Me)" isn't any different. As an artist who is constantly evolving, Betty Moon has stimulated our senses beyond reparations with this track, and we're hoping we get to experience the same events with her future music to come!

Listen to Betty Moon's "Crazy (What You Make Me)" here.

Welcome, Betty Moon! Such a treat to be able to talk with you about your music. How are you feeling after the anticipated release of "Crazy (What You Make Me)"?

Hey thanks for the interview, and yes things are really exciting right now. The song has had quite a life of its own and I actually had a different version of the single come out in late 2019 before I made the video for the original version on 'Hellucination'. There's just something about this track that is getting great attention. It's got some awesome 90's vibes going on and putting something like that out in today's music scene is working well. It's really got the creative vibes going for my next album, which I'm currently in the studio working on. I'm just taking the week off for GRAMMY activities, which is a pretty good reason to get out of the studio right?

"Crazy (What You Make Me)" felt very authentic, as do the majority of the songs we hear on your end. How do you ensure that this element shines through to listeners? 

Great question, and that's something I really haven't thought about. I would say, at least for artists in general, that if you spend too much time researching what's trendy or what you think people want to hear the music may end up sounding forced. It's one thing if you're first on deck for something fresh, but many artists who sound one way all of a sudden sound like they copied another's style all of a sudden. I'm not really worried about that stuff and have been one way or another doing the same thing since day 1. I was even praised for being "The queen of DIY rock" in Canada when younger and have kept that work ethic as part of my brand. I keep my focus on my own work and try not to focus too much on my contemporaries, without being completely out of touch haha.

You have a pretty impressive resumé, Betty Moon! You've been involved in many projects, and continue to delve deeper into the music world with each release of yours. Looking back at when you first debuted yourself as an artist, would you do anything differently?

I would have dug deeper into music licensing sooner, instead of focusing on so much of the "music sales" and "touring" side of the industry. I also wish I would have self-released some of my earlier music by starting the label sooner, as often you don't see the upside till way down the road. Sometimes you don't even know what the big labels were doing with your music, so that was on occasion frustrating. Having more control of your music and hand-picking who handles what part of your career wasn't as common back then, but it is now thankfully.

Your performances must be absolutely electric, filled with such emotion and refreshing energy. Performing at various venues already, which venue holds a special place in your heart?

I would say the whiskey-a-go-go. It's such an iconic place in Hollywood and is one of the epitomes of Rock N' Roll. I've played there, watched iconic bands there and of course watched groups on the rise play early shows and then become famous. There's something about the energy of the location, and if you let it soak in you may just level up in life. Seriously though, the place is great.

We're highly intrigued for what we'll hear from you next, Betty Moon! Now that "Crazy (What You Make Me)" is successfully debuted, are you looking to mix in a few performances with any possible new music? We'll see what happens for sure, I'm mainly focused on making studio albums as of late but I've been jonesing to get back on stage. It takes a lot to put on the best show possible here in Southern California, and I'd rather wait till the time is right to make that happen. I'm working on new music for sure though, and have dozens of new tracks ready in my studio to mix, re-work and finalize for an upcoming LP. I'll of course, keep everyone updated on social media. Please give me a follow!


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