Beyond Tha Noize Drops a Flaming House Track Titled, "Paris"

Australian DJ Beyond Tha Noize (a.k.a. Richard Sacilotto) releases a lively house track titled "Paris." Inspired by his father, who was also a DJ, Beyond Tha Noize was surrounded by pure love for this craft and continued it with joy. Expressing this attitude through his latest single "Paris," Beyond Tha Noize also ties in an energetic music video. If you thought the song was about the lovely city of Paris, you were wrong. Ms. Paris Hilton is the star of this video and song, while she talks about her extravagant lifestyle and DJ'ing for countless clubs. Beyond Tha Noize brings in these pounding hi-fi synths that shoot us straight to Ibiza alongside "Paris."

The track begins with haunting synth keys that effortlessly build the song's energy. "Paris" begins speaking about how the nightlife's power is so infectious and pushes her to perform at legendary venues. As the energy builds, we're hit with numerous effects and synths while the beat drops into this heavy house beat that takes us on an electronic ride. A thumping kick keeps the track alive, as well as the deep and pulsing synths and Paris Hilton's effortless sparkle. The music video provides exciting scenes of clubs being taken over by DJs, thousands of fans, and of course, "Paris" doing her thing on stage. Beyond Tha Noize takes us right back to the clubs with "Paris," and we're excited to blast this track on the way there.

Welcome back to BuzzMusic, Beyond Tha Noize! We're dancing along with your lively house track "Paris." Why did you want to create a song that highlights Paris Hilton in all her glory?

Paris is a pop culture icon, successful businesswoman, social media influencer, controversial superstar DJ, and one of the most famous people on the planet. Paris is a boss, she’s on another level where she can do whatever she wants and be successful. If tomorrow Paris decided she wants to be a tattoo artist there would be people lining up and paying thousands of dollars to get tattooed by her. If she decided to go to the moon she would somehow be up there in a pink space ship in a Juicy Couture space suit with thirty chihuahuas by her side. She is one of the few people on earth who has the power and ability to be able to do literally anything. No matter how wild or crazy an idea may seem Paris would be able to pull it off. This was the inspiration behind the track.

The production within your single "Paris" really gets us up and moving. Could Beyond Tha Noize tell us how you crafted this energetic track, and what your creative process looked like?

We wrote the bassline to Paris and the rest of the track just fell into place. We try not to overthink things too much and just let the creativity flow. We’re all about capturing a vibe. We always keep a clean and positive environment, especially in the studio. We find everything just comes together effortlessly and we’re able to have a lot of fun and really enjoy the experience of producing music.

With your previous interview with us, Beyond Tha Noize mentioned that you get inspired by music from the past and present. Where would you say your music lies within the sub-genres of electronic dance music?

We try not to limit ourselves to one specific sub-genre. We are always constantly changing and evolving. Our whole style could completely change at any moment. We don’t even know what the future holds for Beyond Tha Noize. All we know is we love creating and producing music and we never know which direction the journey could go. We just embrace it and enjoy every moment.

We've heard that Beyond Tha Noize is very passionate about how music can connect with listeners, especially in its own unique way. How do you keep your audience coming back for more?

When it comes to the music we always live by this Walt Disney quote: “Whatever you do, do it well. Do it so well that when people see you do it, they will want to come back and see you do it again, and they will want to bring others and show them how well you do what you do.” We care about our fans and always try and give them something unique and fresh with the highest quality production possible. People notice this and they really respect and appreciate our music and this is what keeps them coming back.

What can fans anticipate next from you?

We don’t even know what we’re doing next. Inspiration comes from anywhere and usually strikes us by surprise and we just go with it. When we know, we usually finish and release the track fairly quickly so our fans don’t have long to wait. That’s one of the benefits of running our own label we don’t have to wait around for months and get approval from a bunch of a&r’s who have no idea how to release our music.