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Bezy Shows Us Why He’s Earning His Respect in the Music World!

Bezy is someone to be on the lookout for, truly. He released his single “Respect”, a hard-hitting song that will inevitably strike you with an eccentric intensity. Bezy has many aspects of professionalism in his delivery, but his pen game was confidently driven with great punchlines and incredibly well-thought bars that caught demanded our attention. The arrangement of “Respect” was nicely coordinated, and it provided an excellent hook that personally made the song elevate in its entirety for us. When we listen to Bezy, we start thinking that his sound genuinely caters to the environment present in Hip/Hop culture today. Current lovers of the category can easily translate and resonate with the energy Bezy is emulating.

Bezy's presence through his music is felt enormously. He crafts his sound so that listeners can easily digest it in prosperous ways. The lyrical content and powerful flow will gain respect and traction from the old-school lovers of Rap, while those contemporary elements capture the younger listener's attention. It was clear to us from the beginning that Bezy works methodically and strategically with his sound. As a seasoned rap artist, Bezy is ready to go on a trail-blazing run, most likely resulting in a legacy that many will remember. Bezy has the cadence, the pen skills, and the confidence to become a highly-respectable rapper in the game, and with that, we’re excited to see what else he has in store for the music world.

Listen to the unique stylings of Bezy here!


Welcome to BuzzMusic Bezy! Congratulations on the anticipated release of "Respect". Where do you find that most of your inspiration stem from?

I draw my inspiration from my personal experiences. Places I’ve been, people I’ve meet and things I’d want to do in the future. My creative process is about picking a feeling I’ve had or the situation I’ve been in and elaborating on it. You can never run out of things you say or speak about when you reflect on the day today.

Let’s talk about your music! We really appreciated the lyrical content in “Respect". What was the biggest challenge you had to face when making the track? Tell us more about the curation process.

For me it was really about capturing  the feeling I’ve always steaming back to when I was in high school. That feeling of almost being unnoticed. Whenever there was a project and people had to pick partners or when I wanted to play a sport I’d always had gotten picked last or left out. But fast forward to today I’m the one doing the picking, I’m the one who people want to be around because I always give off a positive vibe, I’m the “Cool kid” now.

And from now being on both sides of the fence it almost feels fake to me. So Respect is more of a personal record stating the fact that even though certain people would have never thought I’d be able to do half of the things I set out to do, I did it anyway. 

What was your personal favorite element to “Respect” as an artist and why?

In the song I say “they’re saying I’m gifted, but I wasn’t born with this...” which is something I hold dear to me. The fact that I had and still have to work to get everything I want in life. The feeling of having a chip on your shoulder. To be who I am I had to work on myself. I have to develop confidence, work on my body, work on my voice, I had to learn how to careless of what others thought of me and focus on what I wanted to do. When people see me now we talk and I tell them about who I was they don’t really believe me because I’m completely a new person In every aspect except the drive of hunger and determination to get what I want, I still am that and I’m focused on music.

What’s next for you in 2020 Bezy?

In 2020 I’m planning on releasing a project, a music video, work on doing some collaborations. Really just creating some great content and surprising a lot of people with what I have to offer as an artist.



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