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Bianca Ingram Releases Her New Fresh Single And Music Video "Yes"

Dynamic, unique and powerful is what comes to mind when we listen to the exquisite recording artist Bianca Ingram. Bianca Ingram releases her single titled “Yes”. It immediately begins with a sultry explosive introduction before her all around prepossessing and alluring vocals begins to serenade you alongside this funky groove beat! "Yes" is a song that weaves the line between soulful R&B and contemporary Pop, “Yes” feels like a challenging record that comes full force towards you as if darts are being thrown at us in one delivery! The lyrics in "Yes" speak about the reassurance between two significant others, “Yes” challenges your ability to connect with the music and reflect on the status of your current relationship while still having that passionate aura to send you into lovers lane! Bianca Ingram is more than a singer. Bianca is a true multiple threat who sings, writes, dances, acts, designs and directs. This talented songstress is poised and ready for international super stardom. Bianca Ingram will undoubtedly set the world on fire with her original sound and her captivating looks, making her a force to be reckoned with in the music industry.

Listen to Bianca Ingram's new single "Yes" here and be sure to check out our exclusive interview below to learn more about Bianca and her new fresh hit "Yes".

Hey Bianca! It's great to chat with you! Can you tell us a bit about yourself!

Hi Buzz! I'm a singer/songwriter/dancer/actor/director/designer from New Jersey, South Jersey to be exact! I love carbs although I probably should chill on them. In my spare time you can catch me and my dog Roxy looking for new undiscovered places in nature to explore and play in. And I know you won’t believe me because no one ever does but I’m really shy. I’m a complex person who overthinks most things but I think these different facets of myself allow me to make original art. I have no desire to be like anyone else, I just want to be the best Bianca I can be. 

Since you were born into a musically inclined household and family, have you ever thought twice if music was your personal destiny?

Being born into a musical family only emboldened my drive to be successful in the music industry because I saw with my own eyes, up close that it was possible. I was able to get on professional stages at 4 years old and start working on my craft, and I had a behind the scenes look at how the business actually works which was such a huge blessing. As a kid when grown ups would ask me, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”, they’d often follow up with questions like what my plan b would be or what if I don’t make it after my answer was singer. For other children that kind of response might give them doubt or pause but I always thought the adults were stupid because I saw all the different ways to make plan A work and I believe with hard work and persistence anything is possible. I was lucky to know exactly what my destiny was at a very young age

Tell us a little bit about what inspired you to write “Yes”!

“Yes” is actually the first record I’ve ever put out that I haven’t written. A great group by the name of Jutaun wrote it and Jamie Evans of the group produced it. I have a very unique sound so I’m super selective with songs that I use that I haven’t written but “Yes” really resonated with me sonically and lyrically because I know all too well the necessity of reassuring people you love and care for of your feelings for them. Being in the career field that I’m in, I’m often gone or very busy and sometimes they might wonder if I miss them and the answer is “Yes” ! Although I didn’t write this song I did co-direct the video for it. Conceptualizing the video with my mom and my brother, Kyle Ingram, was so much fun we always come up with the best video ideas together. And co-directing the video with Kyle is always dope because he really understands my vision and helps me execute EXACTLY what’s in my mind. So shout out to FI Media, his media company, for delivering an amazing video! 

If you could describe “Yes” in 3 adjectives what would you describe it and why?

Romantic, Wise, Real. I chose romantic because it’s a song about love, I could honestly see people playing this song at their weddings singing “the answer is yes” with all their heart! I chose wise because the lyrics demonstrate patience. Sometimes you might have to reassure the person you love over and over which can be frustrating sometimes but love is patient and love is kind and moving through obstacles in relationships with that in mind is very wise to maintain a healthy love. I say real because at some point I think everyone experiences a situation like this, it’s very relatable and real. 

How influential is your outside environments and personal life experiences for your music?

I only make music that is real to me. It’s super important to me to be as authentic as possible, so I write and sing what I know and feel which is based off of my personal experiences. I get asked “Who is Bianca?” all the time because my social media name is whoisbianca, and I always say if you want to know me you only need to listen to my music and watch my videos. Music is my platform to spread love and awareness and inspire people and hopefully help the world be a better place. 

What's next for you through 2019!?

2019 I’m going to be bringing the heat!!! More dope music and amazing visuals, more shows (bigger and better then ever before), new 100B+ merch (I’m working on new designs as we speak), and a few surprises I can’t reveal yet so you’ll have to follow me on social media to see what those are!! I’m REALLY excited for all the things I’ve got planned for this year, my team and I are taking everything up a notch. So stay locked in because I promise you won’t want to miss a thing! 


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